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Fall Pep Rally Unites School Spirit

Audrey Lemen

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Photo by Jessica Song
Sophomores Carolina Garza, Joyce Zhuang, Ashley Zhang, and Ella Loper perform in their first pep rally as official SunDancers.

Many different organizations came together to participate in the fall semester pep rally on Friday, Sept. 8. Coach Travis Dalrymple acted as the Master of Ceremonies for the pep rally, a role he has performed since he started teaching at Westwood.

“When I first got to Westwood, we didn’t have pep rallies,” Coach Dalrymple said. “I just felt [that] Westwood was lacking school spirit, so I went to the principal and she said I could do it.”

Ever since, pep rallies have sought to promote school spirit among the students and the faculty.

“I love doing [pep rallies] and I think it brings out the best in the students, the athletes, and the teachers and faculty,” Coach Dalrymple said.

This year, a new mat was brought into the gym for the cheerleaders in order to reduce risk of injury.

“I think that it is keeping us safe,” Lily Baizer ‘20 said. “It helps my wrists when I’m tumbling and it protects me when I fall during stunts.”

The fall pep rally was also a first for many new students and performers.

“It was really good; I was nervous at first, but once I just started dancing, it was really fun and exciting,” Steiert ‘20 said.

The efforts of various organizations at Westwood to make the pep rally happen resulted in much excitement and support for school spirit. Overall, members of the Westwood community — teachers, students, and a goat — were brought together like a family.

“I enjoy the pep rallies because of how much enthusiasm Westwood has and how the student body and staff is brought together through one event,” Cameryn Green ‘20.

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