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AFJROTC Commemorates 9/11 Attacks

Sathvik Allala, Reporter

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Orlando Loveras '19 and Neikole Nelson '18 fold the American flag in a tightly knit bundle.

On Monday, Sept. 11, Westwood’s Air Force Junior ROTC held its annual 9/11 ceremony to commemorate the lives lost to the American tragedy.

“The objective of today’s event was just to honor those who fell in the towers during the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and just to ensure that we yet again never forget what happened,” Master Sergeant Daniel Richard said.

In addition to remembering the past, the ceremony provided a unique and memorable opportunity for students to participate with the community.

“Any small way or big way that you show that you’re still actively participating, giving back to the community, and showing that you’re not forgetting is really paying [the community] an honor,” Richard said.

Freshmen participating in the event had their first performed encounter with the AFJROTC drills and discipline necessary for the event.

“I feel like [the 9/11 ceremony] would help me with drills and [give me] more discipline,” Aubrey Quinn ‘21 said. “It’s a lot of fun and [again] it’s a huge family.”

Through the 9/11 ceremony, AFJROTC students got an opportunity explore basic military protocol and expand on their work ethic.

“[Ceremonies] get you ready for that disciple aspect,” Troy Yanez ‘18 said. “When I first entered, I was kind of doing things on my own and I didn’t really focus as a team orientation, but now that it’s my first year, I feel like it’s a family.”

Along with events like these, AFJROTC plans to host similar future events where they to honor those serving our country and rally patriotic spirit.

“We have a POW/MIA ceremony that honors the prisoners of war and those missing in action so that they’re never forgotten until they are brought back home,” Sergeant Richard said. “There’s a few other events that are also sprinkled throughout the year.”

In the future, AFJROTC hopes to bring more students to their organization by inspiring and educating students through events such as the 9/11 ceremony.

“Our school’s JROTC is really eventful and it’s a good program for anyone to join,” Regina Nababan ‘20 said. “They don’t force you to join the military, they simply use the military to enforce a discipline within you.”

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