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Warrior Pride Puts on Halloween Social

By Nuha Momin, Index Manager

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All the seniors gather together for their picture at the last Warrior Pride Halloween party together.

Warrior Pride held their Halloween party on Friday, Nov. 3, which was a time for all of the girls to gather, celebrate, and enjoy a fun holiday together. During the party, members wore their costumes, brought food for one another, and played games such as foosball and ice hockey.

Warrior Pride members brought cupcakes, cake, pizza, macaroni, and chips in the form of a potluck for everyone to enjoy. While more of the members came in and ate their dinner, the students danced to music and played games against one another.

“Food is always the best part of a party,” Magisha Radjendran’19 said. “[Talking and eating together] was a nice feeling because we all got to sit together and stuff our faces with great food while we watched everyone else played games. It got really competitive.”

After most of the Pride members had shown up, the girls went outside to talk, roast marshmallows, and take pictures. The backyard was decorated with skulls, spider webs, and lights to keep the Halloween spirit alive even though the party was a couple days after. To stay festive, scary stories were exchanged. Afterwards, the girls had a small photoshoot with their class and team siblings.

“We decided to do all of these activities because it was a way to get everyone to get out of their comfort zone and open up more,” Jewels Uherek ’18 said. “It felt really good to be surrounded by everyone and laugh around the people that I love.”

The members also were able to take a swing at a skeleton piñata which contained a variety of candies. Each member was blindfolded and spun around as they tried to hit the piñata. The girls helped one another out, directing them towards the skeleton.

“We all just needed to trust one another because if not, we would end up running into the pinata,” Aneesha Kambhampati ‘19 said. “Once the piñata broke, it was really crazy because everyone just started running and jumping on one another.”

To finish off the evening, the members gathered in a circle and roasted marshmallows.  The members also held a costume contest with three categories: best, scariest and funniest costume. Each of the girls that won went home with a prize.

“At the end of the night when everyone was starting to leave, I realized that this was my last Halloween party,” Uherek said. “It was really sad because I’m going to miss partying with my girls but I know they will be there for me when I need them.”

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Nuha Momin, Index Manager
Hey there! This will be my second year on Student Press and my first year as Index Manager! Outside of this amazing organization, I am part of the JV dance team, Warrior Pride. I love dancing and writing so make sure to read my articles :P You can usually find me either in the press room or at home watching Netflix! Actually I would probably be sleeping cause I am tired all the time :)
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