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Debate Competes at Stony Point Tournament

By Amy Vo, Campus Editor

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Freshmen Pratik Neerukonda and Sai Kasam pose with their awards.

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

2nd Place: Jeff Freeman

4th Place: Sophia Cobert

5th Place: Anuja Uppuluri


Max Wolf

Natasha Skergan

Abby Grifno

Srishti Kannan

Rishob Dasgupta

Sanju Dubey

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

1st Place: Emily Gao

2nd Place: Chinmay Pingale

4th Place: Anand Singh

6th Place: Linette Page


Davina Le

Pranav Kulkarni

Samit Deshmukh

Harsha Rajesh

Daniel Tehrani

Novice Lincoln Douglas (LD) Debate

2nd Place: Ayan Chaudhry

3rd Place: Aarya Agarwal

Varsity Lincoln Douglas (LD) Debate

1st Place: Dhruva Mambapoor


Alex Lee

Abby Grifno

Alice Zhang

Akhila Keeranoor

Novice Public Forum (PF) Debate

2nd Place: Pratik Neerukonda – Sai Kasam

3rd Place: Alex Lu – Saatvik Billa

Quarter-finalists: Anuja Uppuluri – Sidh Pandit

Varsity Public Forum (PF) Debate

1st Place: Elisa Baxter – Sruthi Ramaswamy

2nd Place: Ridha Mirza – Mahir Kota


Pranav Kulkarni – Harsha Rajesh

Pranav Srinivasan – Raymond Sun

Krishna Shamanna – Anjali Ashar

Varsity Policy (CX) Debate

1st Place: Daniel Shi – Ananth Kumar

2nd Place: Vikas Burugu – Rishob Dasgupta


Yashvi Reddy – Shea Li Dombrowski

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