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Varsity Boys’ Soccer Conquers Tigers 3-0

By Christiano Araujo, Photographer

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On the night of Friday, Feb. 9 the varsity boys’ soccer team went up against the Stony Point Tigers hoping to gain another district win of the season, finishing the game with an astounding 3-0 score over Stony Point. While the team came in confident, the boys’ knew they had to play at their top performance to win the night.

“We all knew that this was like a hard game then we needed to focus to get in first place and we could top that with the intensity and that would lead us to Win The Day,” Hilton Pineda ‘18 said.

Several passes were made by Oliver Harris ‘18 and Philip Richardson ‘20, with the help of Caden Popps ‘18 who attempted to make a goal for the Warriors. As the game went on with only 26:00 in the first half Nikola Djordjevic ‘21 made a goal that brought the game to a score of 1-0 over the Tigers. With the first half ending, the Warriors showed skills and progression defending the ball as Eduardo Rodriguez ‘19 and Pineda ‘18 both executed effective runs of the ball, that initially prevented the Tigers from gaining a point within the first half.

Throughout the second half the advantage was towards the Warriors, as the team worked together to keep the ball away from the Tiger’s side. Passes were made by Oliver Harris ‘18 to Felipe Centeno ‘19 before Eduardo Rodriguez ‘19 swooped in to score a goal that brought the Warriors over Stony Point to 2-0, with only 33:06 left in the second half of the game. While there were several goal attempts made by Caden Popps ‘18 and Oliver Harris ‘18 throughout the second half, it was Pineda’s ‘18 successful free kick for the Warriors that brought the score to 3-0 over the Tigers, initially becoming the winning goal of the night for the Warriors.

“I think we played great as a team we just all came together and you know gave it all our best and the score shows what happened,” Nikola Djordjevic ‘21 said.

Catch the boys’ at Round Rock on Tues. Feb. 13 at 7:45 when they face off in their fourth district game against the Round Rock Dragons. Go Wood!

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