GALLERY: Freshman White Football Slips Under Round Rock 38-6

By Bailey Armosky and Jessica Song

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  • Travis Neitzke '21 catches the ball from the center and passes it off to Alex Rusch '21.

  • Offensive players get into position for the next play.

  • Anthony Jarmon '21 runs back to the sidelines after the game.

  • Niklas Stading '21 watches his team from the sidelines.

  • Erik Carrasquillo '21, yanks down a Dragon offensive player.

  • Dalton Reichert '21, Brennen Miller '21, and Brandon Chang '21 take down an offensive player with the ball.

  • Thomas Klein '21 walks down the field back to the sidelines.

  • Reece Frank '21 watches the offensive players from the sidelines.

  • Reece Frank '21, throws the ball to a wide receiver.

  • Thomas Klein '21 catches a pass gaining yardage, but is tackled by a defensive player.

  • Julian Garcia '21 takes down one of the Dragons' wide receivers moments after they catch the ball.

  • Travis Neitzke '21 jets straight down after being pushed by the Dragons' defense.

  • Alex Rusch '21 dives down to knock over the Dragons' defense.

  • Travis Neitzke '21 runs with the ball, avoiding defensive players.

  • Julian Garcia '21 runs to tackle the opposing offensive runner with the ball.

  • Carson Haverda '21, Thomas Klein '21, Julian Garcia '21 and Erik Carrasquillo '21 take down an offensive runner.

  • Julian Garcia '21 races to block the oncoming offensive runner.

  • John Taylor '20 watches the game.

    Photo By Jessica Song

  • Jordan Gibreal '20 gets in position for the game to start.

    Photo By Jessica Song

  • Justin Rideout '20 blocks a Dragon player.

    Photo By Jessica Song

  • Players from both sides get in position for the game to start.

    Photo By Jessica Song

  • Travis Neitzke '20 watches the game.

    Photo By Jessica Song

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