GALLERY: Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Secures Win Against Gateway 22-14

By Stephanie Shih, Managing Editor

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  • Ben Jensen '19 aggressively defends an opposing Gateway player.

  • Ben Jensen '19 pushes an opposing Gateway player.

  • Henry Baizer '21 cradles the ball away from a checking defender.

  • Jack Mattson '18 evades Gateway defenders.

  • After recovering the ball, Brandon Lutz '19 runs the ball over the restraining line.

  • Connor Cooper '20 winds up to shoot.

  • Coby Koch '20 sprints upfield while cradling the ball.

  • Looking upfield, Evan Johnson '20 clears the ball to an open teammate.

  • Trevor McBrearty '21 scoops up a ground ball.

  • Coby Krakow '20 looks to pass to an attacker.

  • Jackson Knauss '19 begins to roll around the crease.

  • Braden Ross '18 looks for a pass into the midfield.

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