DECA Holds First Meeting of Year

By Srilekha Cherukuvada, Heritage Copy Editor, Horizon Weekly Editor

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DECA, the business club that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, and hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the world, had its first meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 22.

The officer team presented about the upcoming events and tasks the students will have to attend and complete. This year, one form will need to be filled out by all DECA members and future members. Along with the form, all members must bring $50 in dues.

“I think people should join DECA if they have a lot of interest in business because it’s a really good platform for them, especially if students are not in their comfort zone with communication,” Anika Srivastava ‘21 said. “This could be a big push for people to get out of that comfort zone and to do something that’s really cool.”

There are over sixty events in DECA, the majority of which are divided into two main categories, role plays and written events. In addition to these events, there are virtual events that take place online. A lot of effort is put in by the students into DECA because of the recognition they will receive if they get to ICDC.

“You learn a lot of professionalism skills and how to behave in certain situations like roleplays,” Srivastava said. ”State competitions are nerve wracking at first, but once you are done competing it feels really great. I felt very accomplished when I went through it.”

All DECA students should also join the remind (DECAww). The next DECA meeting will be Sept. 19, the date which the form and dues are also due.

Important dates for DECA members are listed below:

  • DECA day: Westwood, date TBD
  • District competition: Jan. 19 in Bastrop
  • State competition: Feb. 21-23 in Dallas
  • ICDC: May 27-30 in Orlando, Florida