JV White Volleyball Triumphs Over Hendrickson 2-0

By Ian Drerup, Reporter

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The JV White volleyball team triumphed 2-0 against the Hendrickson Hawks on Sept. 14.

Hendrickson got the first point of the set, but the Warriors regrouped and caught up. As one team scored a point, the other retaliated right after. Finally the Warriors took the lead near the end of the set, and they won 25-21.

“I think we did pretty well at the beginning, and then we kinda started to fall apart at the end. We were making a lot of mistakes, but then we pulled through and won,” Emma Marsden ‘21 said.

The team started the second set on a high note, winning the first four points, but then the Hawks started to catch up with strong serves. They continued neck and neck, both trying their best to get ahead. They Warriors just barely pulled out a win with a score of 26-24.

“I feel like we did well in the beginning, but our energy was low today and we needed to talk more but overall we had a good finish,” Ellie Duff ‘22 said.

The team will take on the Vandegrift Vipers on Sept. 18 at Vandegrift High School.