JV Football Eaten By Lions 16-7

By Ian Drerup, Reporter

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  • A player tries to slip past the Leander defense with the ball.

  • Reece Frank '21 runs with the ball as a Leander player catches up to him.

  • John Taylor '21 gets in position during the first quarter.

  • Tomas Henry '21 clutches the ball as he heads down the field.

  • With Mikaul Nash '21 on the lookout, Alec Neville '21 sprints with the ball.

  • Two Leander players close up on Reece Frank '21.

  • Sawyer Harr '21 runs with ball as David Stansbury '21 attempts to block a Leander player.

  • Quarterback Alec Neville '21 looks for an opening.

  • The teams high five each other at the end of the game.

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On Thursday, Oct. 25, JV football took on the Leander Lions and lost 16-7. Leander started the game with a touchdown, making the score 6-0. Tomas Henry ‘21 brought the score to 7-6 with a touchdown and another point in the second quarter, putting the Warriors in the lead. The score remained during the third quarter with no change.

“The game is going pretty good,” D’Angelo Kelly-Segura ‘21 said. “Our defense is executing really well, we practiced a lot for their offense and their option runs.”

It seemed like no more points were going to be scored in the last quarter, until the Lions scored a field goal bringing the score to 9-7. In the last 30 seconds of the game, Leander scored their second touchdown and finished the game with a score of 16-7.

“We’ve been doing great overall, everyone’s been playing their position perfectly and there hasn’t been any big mistakes so far,” Henry Baizer ‘21 said.

The JV football team moves on from this loss and will tackle the Stony Point Tigers on Wednesday, Oct. 31st.