NHS Hosts First Powderpuff Game

By Sarah Wang, Heritage Photo Editor

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  • Purvi Mujumdar '19 sprints with the ball as an opposing player comes up from behind.

  • The boys cheer on their team during the game.

  • Tanvi Jankay '19 runs with the ball as she tries to slip past the opposing defense.

  • Jacari Tate '19 clutches the ball while thinking about her next move.

  • While looking for an opening in the defense, Purvi Mujumdar '19 runs with the ball.

  • Claire Tinker '19 runs with the ball while attempting to slip past the defense.

  • Colton Roberts '19 and the boys do the wave.

  • Marisa Rech '19 runs with the ball as Sarah Ramsey '20 reaches out to grab her flag.

  • Tanvi Jankay '19 runs the ball down the field with the opposing defense close behind her.

  • As part of the Chinese Yoyo Club's half-time appearance, Stephen Shiue '19 performs tricks with his yoyo.

  • The Black team chants right before they run off.

    Photo By Sarah Wang

  • Claire Tinker '19 runs with the ball down the field.

  • Leah Zahm '20 clutches the ball while making her way around the defense.

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National Honor Society (NHS) hosted the inaugural Powderpuff game on Friday, Nov. 30 at the Warrior Bowl. The event consisted of not only the girls’ flag football game, but also performances from the Chinese Yo-Yo Club. All the proceeds went to funding the construction of a Thirst Project water well.

The event started with a rousing introduction to each player on the teams, and soon after, the game began. Within the first five minutes, the Black team had already scored a touchdown. However, this didn’t lower the spirit of the Pink team, who quickly caught up, making the score 7-7.  Throughout the game, the fierce competition between the Pink and Black team increased, and by halftime, the score was 14-7, with the Black team in the lead.

“My favorite part about playing in the game was the amazing energy and excitement from my teammates, and also crushing my friends,” Olivia Meyers ‘20 said. “I played in my middle school Powderpuff and it was an amazing experience, so I was super excited to hear that I could get that opportunity again.”

During the second half, the Black team pummeled through the Pink team’s defense and scored another touchdown, leading to the end of the game. NHS President Claire Tinker ‘19 on the Black team scored the final touchdown for her team, prompting a final victory of 35-14 for the Black team.

“Though I am a bit biased, the last play of the game was my favorite,” Tinker said. “It was a 50[-yard] run for a touchdown with 17 seconds on the clock. Cheerleaders, coaches, and teammates alike, all crashed the field afterwards. I can tell my kids that story when I’m old to remind them that I peaked in high school.”

The halftime performance from the Chinese Yo-Yo Club performed to a Christmas song medley, where they not only showed some jaw-dropping tricks, but also an entertaining lip sync by Ani Sreeram ‘19. Additionally, the cheerleaders’ performances throughout the game kept the audience’s spirits high. They attempted a kick line, leapfrogs, and even made a human pyramid prompting a roar of laughter and cheers from the crowd.

“The friendly rivalry between the teams and all the performances made the game enjoyable to watch,” Emily Nguyen ‘20 said, “as well as just being able to hang out and talk with friends there.”

Established in 2008 by a group of friends in California, the Thirst Project has made great strides to halt the freshwater crisis around the globe. Through this event, NHS has raised $2,500, overcoming their original goal of $2,000 to donate to the cause.

“As the first NHS Thirst Project Powderpuff Game, the event carried a ton of importance,” Tinker said. “We sent a precedent for future years, uniting the student body in competitive spirit and service. That’s a huge thing that NHS wants to facilitate in the Westwood community: finding joy and passion in the good things we do together.”