Mr. Jason Ziebell Wins Teacher of the Year

By Carson Haverda

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Westwood’s 2019 “Teacher of the Yearwas awarded to teacher Jason Ziebell on Friday, Feb. 8. This is one of the highest honors a teacher can receive. All the teachers vote on who they think deserves to win, and the three teachers who get the most votes then create a video explaining what their teaching philosophy is to help the other teachers who don’t know them become acquainted with them.

“The number one thing that everyone said about Mr. Ziebell is that he cares so deeply for students,” Principal Mario Acosta said. “He teaches all kinds of different math, and it doesn’t matter what kind of student you are, he will do anything for any of the students at Westwood.”

Principal Acosta prefaced the announcement for “Teacher of the Year” by explaining the traits they posses. These include high quality classroom instruction, involvement with extracurricular activities, the ability to work well with other teachers and students, and a positive impact on the whole school.

“When I found out over the announcements, it was a big surprise,” Mr. Ziebell said. “I was not prepared for it at all because there were so many other good candidates, and I kind of already allowed for them to win in my head.”

Mr. Ziebell’s attendance at student events to show his support was a huge factor for his consideration.

“I come to this job sincerely and work really hard for the student’s benefit, and I think that a lot of people recognize that and I appreciate that,” Mr. Ziebell said. “Westwood has the best students and faculty out of anywhere else.”