GALLERY: Band Introduces Theme in Exhibition

By Kathryn Markovitz, Photographer

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  • Kayla Klotz '21 and fellow players take position.

  • Jeromiah Patterson โ€˜22 and other baritone players perform choreography with the music.

  • Cathleen Li '21 marches across the field.

  • Lexie Robison '21 spins her flag.

  • Along with fellow baritone players, Cathleen Li '21 and Jeromiah Patterson โ€˜22 walk in formation towards the front of the field.

  • Along with other trombone players, Hart Black '21 marches across the field in formation.

  • Laney McFadden '20 spins her flag.

  • Vanessa Henley โ€˜20 plays her baritone next to the trombones while marching.

  • While taking center field, trombone players begin to lift their legs for their choreography.

  • Anika Chokhavatia '21 walks back after receiving her letterman jacket.

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