Ms. Jazmin Tyson-Owens Joins Social Studies Department

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Ms. Jazmin Tyson-Owens Joins Social Studies Department

By Serena Manwani, Reporter

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Social Studies teacher Ms. Jazmin Owens-Tyson has  become a part of our Westwood community after three years of teaching. She received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University and her master’s degree from the University of Central Florida. Previously, she lived and taught in Tyler, Texas. Now she is excited to be at Westwood teaching Team Leadership and World Geography, and later math when she gets a doctoral degree, as she enjoys working with all the excited freshmen.

“I’ve been wanting to teach since I was in second grade,” Ms. Owens said. “I didn’t know what subject  until high school or college, [but now] I think [social studies] is just an interesting subject.”

Ms. Owens was attracted by Westwood’s reputation.  She thinks the students are really nice and friendly.  However, she realizes the stress the students here experience as well.  

“I was told that we don’t give a whole lot of homework,” Ms. Owens said.  “[But] I would say from what I heard from my little freshman class, a lot of them are stressing on day two.  So [Westwood is] a competitive school. So, I specifically love team leadership because it’s a de stressor class.  [Plus] I think [Westwood] is like night and day from my old school. The students are amazing. They interact with each other.”

Ms. Owens really loves to travel, and has travel plans to revisit some of the places she’s already been and some new places too.  Her new experiences will allow her to share what she learned with her students in her social studies classes.

“I want to go back to Spain,” Ms. Owens said. “I [visited Barcelona]  in my undergraduate and they were building La Sagrada Familia. It’ll be done in 2026 and my friends [and I] want to go back there and see it completed.  And then I would love to go to the UK. My goal is to leave the country every summer.”

“I’m just gonna say my whole family [is my biggest influence],” Ms. Owens said. “I think my immediate family. I mean, you always want to be better and grow better than your parents. So I think [I] just [want] to educate myself more, just do more things and travel more.”