Nova Miller Blends Modern Pop with Vintage Flair with Single ‘Do It To Myself’


Photo By Moxie

Nova Miller’s newest single titled ‘Do It To Myself’ is a bridge between old and new, and an inspiring anthem to self-love and acceptance. Photo Courtesy of Moxie.

By Catharine Li, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Swedish vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nova Miller unveiled her debut single and visual Do It To Myself, a beautifully crafted anthem to self love and overcoming insecurity. From sleeping in her father’s guitar case backstage while on tour with her parents to being discovered at age 12, Miller’s life has revolved around the stage in every which way. Now 18 years old and based in Los Angeles, her songwriting and musical ability have been showcased on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok, drawing fans to lyrically empowering and captivating work. 

Miller finds herself at the end of a relationship, at a crossroads, with her “trust stolen” and “feeling broken.” With compelling, self-affirming imagery the songstress leads the way in an inspiring conversation to recognize toxic behavior, taking the reins of her own healing process through self care. Miller’s songwriting is simplistic, yet is a powerful, refreshing force among artists her age, as she makes her artistry and versatile capabilities clear through a seamless intertwine of musical elements for an inviting, satisfying listening experience from beginning to end. 

Pulling herself out of a deeply toxic situation, she urges that recovering from a relationship takes time, and when it comes to healing, sometimes the best therapy is getting in tune with yourself, wrestling with a reality that in its most raw form is, as Miller so eloquently makes clear to her romantic interest, the catchy hook, “you don’t need to drive me crazy, I’ll do that to myself.” 

Blending a pristine five-octave vocal range with a retro, fuzzy warmth of guitar, the Swedish artist succeeds with a very candid approach towards exploring a more uplifting side to heartbreak. While incorporating familiar dreamlike, kaleidoscope-esque harmonies of the 1966 hit California Dreamin by The Mamas and the Papas, Miller’s talent is not eclipsed, rather beautifully accentuated, as she creates a melodically distinct and deeply infectious sound. 

Bridging the modern pop landscape with a vintage flair, the songstress’ efforts to craft an identity as an artist that embraces the old-soul in her is ultimately an earnest, open letter to navigating the complexities of teenagehood and life, a message that finds and so genuinely resonates with her audience. Do It To Myself is a stunning work encapsulating the triumphs and true to life struggles of personal growth, a journey that Nova Miller takes on with an impactful confidence and vulnerability. 

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