Students Change Routines With New Bell Schedule

By Amy Simon, Reporter

After closely monitoring COVID-19 cases on campus, the Westwood administration implemented a new schedule on Monday, Nov. 9. Under the new schedule, students are able to transition to their normal classes instead of being sectioned off into ‘learning pods.’ Additionally, students are allowed to eat in the cafeteria, and have either first or second lunch.

“I like how we don’t have to stay in one room for the whole day,” Jerry Deblois ‘23 said. “It was really boring sitting in the same chair for seven hours a day. Now I get to go to different classrooms and actually meet teachers in person.”

While some students on campus have found this new schedule thrilling, other students participating in virtual classes online have found it frustrating. This is the second time a schedule change has been made. The first time cut the asynchronous period in half, creating more time for synchronous learning, as well as a blended time for teachers to carry out discussions. This time, many students have to readjust to earlier lunch blocks.

“A lot of things have been changing lately,” Ben Ramsey ‘22 said. “My lunch time changes on white days now. I think it’s harder to keep track at home because no one is giving you any reminders. I’m just hoping that soon it will be alright to get back to school without any coronavirus threats.”

Although the changing circumstances may be hard to adjust to, many students are trying their best to stay optimistic and adapt to ensure a smooth learning experience. For more information on COVID-19 health and safety protocols as well as possible updates, visit Round Rock Independent School District’s Reimagining Education website

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