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Six Ways to Savor Spring Break

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Six Ways to Savor Spring Break

Spring break is a time for relaxation, filled with the scent of musty pinewood and fresh flowers and the trickle of sparkling dewdrops making their way across green lawns.  As the sun rises, we lie back on hammocks and let them swing to the rhythm of the breeze, flipping through the pages of an intriguing novel, sketching our hearts out in a notepad, or just closing our eyes in an effort to savor the relaxation that will soon elude us when school starts up again. Here are six ways to help you enjoy every moment of spring break:

  • Go camping.
    • There’s no better way to enjoy the beginning of a new season, especially one as fresh as spring, than a camping trip. Load the family van with tents, fishing poles, and bags of marshmallows that you can heat over a simmering bonfire. Don’t forget graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores!
  • Go swimming.
    • I’m not talking about taking a dip in the community pool. Pack your swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen for a refreshing day at Barton Springs or a beautiful lake right under the sun. Invite a friend along to go kayaking!
  • Go on a picnic.
    • The soft, red-checkered blanket spread out on the grass with a wicker basket on top isn’t just a scene for the movies. Take your family and friends out for an outdoor lunch consisting of fresh watercress sandwiches, juicy watermelon, and sweet apple pie. Make a toast to the new season with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade!
  • Take a walk on Ladybird Lake.
    • Ladybird Lake is always crowded with enthusiastic visitors: mothers pushing strollers, families taking a walk, and joggers burning calories in the light of the noonday sun. Many people also pause their strolls to feed the ducks in the pond by the track. Don’t forget water and sunscreen!
  • Take some photos.
    • Spring is often described as the season of new beginnings, so take the time to explore new talents or interests like stepping into the realm of photography.  Spend some time outside with your phone or camera, capturing the simple but beautiful moments in nature. You never know; you might discover a new hobby!
  • Go biking.
    • Don’t you miss the days of childhood, when you steered your bike along sidewalks and enjoyed the feeling of wind whistling in your ears and tousling up your hair?  Remember the blissful exhilaration of zooming down a hill? If you do go biking, don’t forget to wear a helmet! The last thing you need is to come back to school with a cast or crutches.  

When you’re done reading this guide, you’ll probably notice that all 6 involve spending time outdoors. Whether it’s the opening of fresh buds, the chirping of cicadas, or the setting of the sun, carve some time out of your day to get in touch with nature instead of staying inside cooped up behind a screen. Your Netflix episode can wait, but spring break will be long gone before you know it.  Don’t miss it!

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