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Seniors Sign College Banner

A student signs her name next to her chosen college.

A student signs her name next to her chosen college.

A student signs her name next to her chosen college.

By Sathvik Allala, Social Media Editor

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As a means to share future university plans, senior students gathered to sign their names under their committed colleges on Tuesday, May 1. The collective banner of diverse plans will be be proudly displayed in front of the atrium to inspire underclassmen with senior successes.

“It’s pretty cool to see where everyone’s going and you get to be pretty proud of where you and your friends are going,” Jessie Park ’18 said.

Though the senior class will be embarking on separate paths, this event allowed for the graduating students to unite as a class and embrace their Westwood identity.

“I believe this banner demonstrates all the talent that Westwood students have and shows all the diverse colleges that students will attend,” Emily Lai ’18 said. “Westwood is a competitive school and students are always striving to do their best in all areas. The schools on the banner showcase the wonderful places that Westwood students will be spending their next years in their education after a successful education at Westwood.”

After a rigorous academic career, the senior banner signing provided students with a unique opportunity to reflect on their school life, while charting their future endeavors.

“I think for all seniors, signing is a special moment and a once in a lifetime event,” Lai said. “I was excited about it because it was putting my decision on paper and making it permanent. It’s like leaving a mark on Westwood and signing off on all that you have done throughout your years of education. I felt a great sense of pride knowing where I was going to go and signing my name next to the place I’ll be for the next four years.”

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