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French Club Members Bond at la Madeleine

French Club sponsor Madame Jennie Chao,  Emilia Adcock '21, and Joeun Lee '21 enjoy a French meal.

French Club sponsor Madame Jennie Chao, Emilia Adcock '21, and Joeun Lee '21 enjoy a French meal.

Photo by Nicole Souydalay

Photo by Nicole Souydalay

French Club sponsor Madame Jennie Chao, Emilia Adcock '21, and Joeun Lee '21 enjoy a French meal.

By Nicole Souydalay, Heritage Events Editor

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To conclude the year, French Club members gathered to eat dinner at la Madeleine on Friday, May 11. Each student who had sold at least one bag of Bon Bons during the year had their meal paid for by the club.

The la Madeleine meeting for French Club is an annual event that allows students to experience French culture in a new, more direct way.

“La Madeleine was a cultural experience that helped us understand the French community and understand how French cafes work,” French Club Vice President Rahul Pantvaidya ‘19 said. “I recommend la Madeleine for great French food.”

In the midst of testing weeks and rushing to wrap up the end of the year, the event was a way for people to relax and just interact with each other.

“I like French Club because it’s a good community of people where we can talk about what we want,” Emilia Adcock ‘21 said. “I think that this event gives me a good chance to interact with my peers that have like interests.”

For some members, this meeting marked the last time that they would be with French Club.

“The final meeting at la Madeleine was an amazing end to the French Club year, especially for us seniors who leave with awesome memories and a chance to say goodbye to our fellow members,” Catherine Muscato ‘18 said. “This whole year was an amazing bonding experience and a chance to make new friends. It was exciting to see everyone one last time before the end of the school year, and I am thoroughly going to miss them.”

All in all, it was an experience for students to explore French food while meeting with people they’ve became friends with over the year or never even interacted with before.

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