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K-Pop Club Performs in Meridiem Music Marathon

By Katie Chung, Video Editor

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On Saturday, July 14, K-Pop Club participated in a 10-hour music marathon at HMart hosted by Eunice Lee, a sophomore at Northwestern University. As a part of the Together We Rise non-profit organization, the marathon was created in efforts to raise awareness and funds for the reunification of foster children with their siblings at DisneyLand.

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Katie Chung, Video Editor
I am a senior pursuing a dream in film. I love capturing news and stories through moving pictures. When I’m not caught up in the storm of college applications and portfolios, I love discovering creators on YouTube and watching movies of all kinds. My latest obsession are the Mission Impossible series and figuring out how Tom Cruise’s stunts are filmed in real life. I am also an avid learner of the languages of the world and wish to someday become a polyglot.
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