National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Student Voices

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This story includes mentions of suicide/suicide attempts, self-harm, addiction, and depression, which may be triggering to some individuals. Please read with caution.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. To invite student voices on this sensitive topic, we sent out a survey to the student body and received more than 200 responses. This survey showed that 44.5% of students surveyed have had thoughts of suicide. Many students wrote about friends and family members who committed suicide and even how they have attempted suicide themselves. To open themselves up in this way is a courageous act. Below we have included a few anonymous examples of honest stories about a difficult topic.

There is no easy solution to the problem, and we are certainly not qualified to give advice. But as a staff, we feel that it must be better to talk about the problem than to hide from it. 70.9% of the survey respondents believe that suicide is not adequately addressed at Westwood. By sharing these stories from students, we hope to let those who are struggling know that they are not alone.

The counselors will be visiting ninth grade biology classes on Sept. 20 and 21 to ensure all freshmen know what mental health and counseling resources are available to them at school. The counseling department will also be holding a parent night about teen stressors on Sept. 19 to help them better support their students.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out. Call a friend, tell a parent, see your counselor. Visit these links: Suicide Prevention & Other Mental Health Resources on Round Rock ISD’s website. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HELP to 741741.