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Ms. Jackie Hartle Appointed as Assistant Principal

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Ms. Jackie Hartle Appointed as Assistant Principal

Photo courtesy of Ms. Jackie Hartle.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Jackie Hartle.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Jackie Hartle.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Jackie Hartle.

By Keya Sampat, Reporter

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One of the newest members of the Westwood faculty, Ms. Jackie Hartle, started her first year as Assistant Principal at Westwood. She was previously a teacher for 15 years, but became an assistant principal because she wanted to gain more experience in educational leadership and share some of the lessons she has learned along the way with not only students, but with teachers as well.

“I was working as a teacher in McNeil, and I was looking for a place to learn further in my leadership.  The opportunity to work at Westwood was one no one would pass up, certainly not me,” Ms. Hartle said. “Over the summer, I saw a lot of students I knew from McNeil being taught by Westwood teachers, and I really loved the connection that Westwood teachers made so early on in-depth with kids they were only going to see for a few weeks. So that’s what really sold me — how committed teachers at Westwood are to their students.”

As a teacher, Ms. Hartle always searched for more opportunities for her to grow as a person and in her job. Her passion is to help with creating a foundation for teachers and students.

“I was given more and more leadership opportunities in my role as a teacher, and I was really pulled in that direction. I was enjoying helping teachers grow, and helping students, parents, and teachers problem solve. If I am able to share the stuff that I’ve learned along the way with teachers and help other students, then I am covering more bases, because the more teachers you help, the more students you help,” Ms. Hartle said. “As far as an administrator goes, we also do some of the skeletal work that needs to happen at school, [including] master schedule and professional development plans. We are here to make things run smoothly, so that rich learning happens in the classroom.”

One of Ms. Hartle’s main focuses is the math department. She is also very attentive to her students and makes sure that they have what they need.

“Day to day, what I do is support the math department, and help them with what they need. I also check in on students who are under my watch, and we make sure that they are making good choices,” Ms. Hartle said. “I want to know where I can help, and how I can help.”

Ms. Hartle thinks that Westwood has made the transition from a teacher to an assistant principal much easier for her.

“Just like the teachers, the administrators on this campus are incredibly helpful, so I don’t feel like I am ever bothering anyone asking a question, which sometimes that happens in life,” Ms. Hartle said. “Being someone new to a job has its own unique challenges and support needs, and they’ve been very good about being there for that.”

Ms. Hartle appreciates how students at Westwood are very friendly and accepting of everyone.

“The culture here is one where I find students that appreciate and accept people from all different walks of life. I have been particularly impressed by how kind people are to one another. I spend a lot of time in the cafeteria and at the games, so it’s not just hallway and classroom behavior, but it’s also out in the ‘public’ too,” Ms. Hartle said. “Our students represent Westwood really well.”

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