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Debate Achieves Success at James Bowie, St. Michael’s, St. Mary’s Tournaments

By Amy Vo, Campus Editor

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James Bowie High School Tournament
Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
4th Place: Katherine Yan
5th Place: Risha Sur
6th Place: Pranav Medikonduru
8th Place: Andres Sanchez
Semi-Finalists: Yunhan Xu, Nathan Fang. Rishi Rajiv, Ria Makkar, Katie Falcon, Eric Gao, Anoop Rachakonda, Joshua King, Bryce Keeler, Anushka Saini, Sneha Bhale, AJ Darwin, Bowen James, Nikhil Reddy

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
6th Place: Rishob Dasgupta
Semi-Finalists: Rushil Patange, Srivaishnavi Marreddy, Sanju Dubey

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Semi-Finalists: Aman Tewari, Sonny Stenson, Shawn Hatcher, Hrushikesh Saranu

St. Michael’s Academy Tournament
Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
3rd Place: Nikhil Reddy
4th Place: Yunhan Xu
5th Place: Sneha Bhale
6th Place: Risha Sur
Semi-Finalists: Rishi Rajiv, Daniel Vinnik, Seyoung Ree, Andres Sanchez

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
6th Place: Rishob Dasgupta
Semi-Finalists: Sanju Dubey, Vani Shah
Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Semi-Finalists: Linette Page

Novice Lincoln Douglas (LD) Debate
1st Place: Joshua King
2nd Place: Eric Gao
Semi-Finalists: Anushka Saini
Quarter-Finalists: Joy Yang, Samia Bruster, Srivaishnavi Marreddy, Ria Makkar

Varsity Lincoln Douglas (LD) Debate
1st Place: Alice Zhang
2nd Place: Truman Le

Novice Policy (CX) Debate
Semi-Finalists: Anoop Rachakonda – Pranav Medikonduru, Bowen James – Erith Won

Varsity Policy (CX) Debate
1st Place: Daniel Shi – Vikas Burugu
2nd Place: Jeffrey You – Ananth Kumar

Novice Public Forum (PF) Debate
2nd Place: Bryce Keeler – Nathan Fang

Varsity Public Forum (PF) Debate
Semi-Finalists: Daniel Tehrani – Daniel Velani, Anand Singh – Justin Xiao
Quarter-Finalists: Saatvik Billa – Alex Lu, Chinmay Pingale – Nathan Iyer, Bernice Chen – Harsha Rajesh, Arnav Gunwani – Jeff Freeman

Saint Mary’s Hall Academy
Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
1st Place: Jeff Freeman
6th Place: Clementine Larrouilh
Semi-Finalists: Sanju Dubey
Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
2nd Place: Emily Gao
3rd Place: Max Wolf
4th Place: Linette Page
Semi-Finalists: Sonny Stenson

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