Students Attend Annual Blacklight Pep Rally

By Srilekha Cherukuvada, Heritage Copy Editor, Horizon Weekly Editor

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The last pep rally of 2018 took place on Nov. 8 with a blacklight theme. Students from all grades gathered in the big gym to have some fun and cheer on the latest achievements of student organizations. The unique blacklight theme motivated students to attend and enjoy some time off from everyday classes. Glow sticks were used to light up the gym and energetic performances took place in the dark.

STUDENT BODY: “The pep rally was really amazing. I love the once-a-year blacklight theme and it’s really cool to watch all of the performers,” Anika Srivastava ‘21 said. “I think it’s a great way to celebrate accomplishments and have some fun.”

TENNIS: “Our tennis team went all out this year. We had 6 a.m. morning practices and I feel like we really worked the hardest we ever have because we knew that this was possible,” Sofia Kardonik ‘19 said. “As team we came together and made that [state] happen. With the amazing support from Coach [Dalrymple] who is amazing at giving us pep talks and preparing us for any of our toughest competitors. I think that the pep rally was very reflective of the school spirit that we have and this is a really momentous occasion for Westwood.”

SUNDANCERS: “I love blacklight! I think it was so much fun,” Kylie Chesebro ‘20 said. “It’s hard for performers [when people throw glow sticks] because we always trip on them, but it’s really fun to perform.”

CHEERLEADERS: “I think our performance went really well because we’ve been practicing for a while,” Claire Fleming ‘21 said. “It was really exciting that we did so well. Overall, it was a fun experience to perform.”

BAND: “As a band member, I enjoyed this [pep rally] a lot because we could make a lot of decorations with our glow sticks on our instruments, and it’s just really fun to play in the dark,” Elaine Chen ‘21 said. “I think this was a great way to finish marching season as well as celebrate many of the accomplishments of other organizations.”