Freshman Girls’ Basketball Defeats Mavericks 37-20

By Kamille Galloway, Opinions Editor

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The girls’ freshman basketball team defeated the McNeil Mavericks on Friday, Dec. 14 at a home game by a score of 37-20. The Mavericks were unable to keep up when faced with the Warriors’ successful throws and offense.

Westwood started the game off ahead of the opposition with two points and were able to consistently stay in the lead. Gabbi Wallace ‘22 made a good pass to fellow teammate Kaylina Martinez ‘22, who then followed through with the ball. Catherine Ray ‘22 helped the team maintain a streak of good shots made, which helped boost their score. By the end of the first half, Westwood stayed securely ahead of the Mavericks by a score of 10-3.

“We struggled a lot on boxing out, we pulled out a lot of really good rebounds, but we let too many second-hand shots go,” Coach Jennifer Scazzero said. “It was really down to who fought the hardest in the second half and that ended up being us so we pulled it out.”

The Warriors stayed ahead of the Mavericks as they fought hard, and the offense stayed strong throughout the second half. They continued to make smart passes, which helped bring up their points. Wallace fought hard, and Westwood took a win of 37-20.

“I feel like as a team we did better passing than we normally do and [also] moving the ball around,” Martinez said. “But as a team, our weaknesses were going through the motions of our plays and just catching the ball because of our freshmen level.”

Their next game will take place at home on Saturday, Jan. 5 against Leander.