Academy Ambassadors Host Recruitment Meeting

By Bernice Chen, Opinions Editor

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The Academy Ambassadors hosted a New Ambassador Information Meeting on Tuesday, April 16 after school designed to introduce the program to students interested in joining next year. The meeting was organized by Career Technical Education Academy Specialist Lucy Sanchez, academy lead teachers and current ambassadors.

“The purpose of the meeting is to invite academy students who think they want to participate as an ambassador to get some information about commitment,” Ms. Sanchez said. “The ambassador program seems to be mysterious to the underclassmen and there’s a misperception that it’s some kind of exclusive organization that you have to be invited to. In reality, any student that intends to finish four credits in any of the academy programs can serve.”

The meeting began with students and current ambassadors mingling and discussing the program as an icebreaker activity. Ms. Sanchez then explained to new students the logistics of the program and what events ambassadors partake in throughout the school year, including parent nights and job shadows.

“I feel like [the Academy Ambassador program] is a good opportunity and judging from what I saw today, it seemed really fun,” Erith Won ‘22 said. “I really want to try the job shadowing experience.”

After, everybody was separated into groups based on the academy they were a part of. For half an hour, the governing team officers and academy lead teachers helped students learn more about the program.

“At the beginning of the breakout sessions, we got each of the new members to say their names, their program of study in the Business & Industry academy, and their grade. Then we split them up into smaller breakout sessions for us to find similarities between smaller groups of people. We played the Never Have I Ever game, which I think worked out pretty well,” new Governing Team member Vani Shah ‘20 said. “[The meeting] this year was definitely more organized and straight to the point in terms of what the academy does and what people can get out of it.”

The breakout sessions allowed interested students to connect with ambassadors in the same industry field so that for next year, new members can feel more comfortable with their fellow ambassadors.

“The ambassador team was really friendly and willing to connect with everyone interested in health science careers,” Neha Sapre ‘20 said. “I think the academy ambassador program is a great way to find networking opportunities with healthcare professionals and grow as a leader.”

The last meeting for the Academy Ambassadors this school year will be held on Monday, May 6 after school in the cafeteria.