Annual Ceremony Honors Seniors’ Achievements

By Nima Ashtari, Community & World News Editor

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In accordance with a yearly tradition, members of the graduating class of 2019, along with staff members and high-ranking members of the administration, gathered in the cafeteria on the evening of Friday, May 17 for the Senior awards ceremony. The ceremony is held to recognize the diverse accomplishments of the senior class and commend them before they move into the next phase of their education.

Teachers and staff accompanied seniors on stage as they were called for receiving their awards, which included various scholarships, awards for excellence in specific subject areas, medallions for students with a 4.0 grade point average, and even larger medallions for the top 10 students. The ceremony culminated with the presentation of the nominees for Mr. and Miss Westwood, along with the winners, decided by a vote by teachers.

“I think this event is critical. It’s a very in-depth event and we celebrate a lot of recognitions of the senior class,” Principal Mario Acosta said. “Like I say on the announcements, this is a top ten school in the country. For the seniors to come through all four years and find all this success, it’s important that we take the time to celebrate it.”

The Mr. and Miss Westwood awards are given to two students who truly exemplify and exude the qualities of a true Warrior, from excellence in their academic classes to compassion and camaraderie with their peers. For the class of 2019, Mr. Westwood was awarded to Jack Elliott ‘19 and Miss Westwood was presented to Claire Burton ‘19.

“Getting [Mr. Westwood] is really special obviously,” Jack Elliott ‘19 said. “Not only were the other people up there really deserving of the award, all of Westwood is just really special. To be up there and be able to say that I represent all that is a great feeling.”

With the awards ceremony behind them, the seniors have completed their final milestone before graduation, to be held on Friday, May 24 at the HEB Center.