Seniors Participate In Senior Walks In Elementary and Middle Schools

By Sourav Dhar, Sports Editor

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From Monday, May 20 to Thursday, May 23, seniors participated in walks that took place in the feeder elementary and middle schools to celebrate their graduations from Westwood, while parents, students, and teachers honored the graduating class. Seniors who had previously attended Canyon Creek Elementary School and Anderson Mill Elementary School kicked off the week, and past attendees of Canyon Vista Middle School wrapped up the processions.

“I loved going back to Canyon Creek and Grisham to see all the teachers that enriched my learning experience so much,” Chinmaya Andukuri ‘19 said. “It’s great to see old teachers so excited about our success and ambitions, and I think that’s something really special about Round Rock ISD.”

For some, the opportunity to roam the halls of their previous schools provided a bit of nostalgia. Students acknowledged the change in perspective that they experienced while walking through the halls.

“Going back was a really eye-opening experience for me because I got a totally different perspective of everything,” Michelle Huang ‘19 said. “The gyms and the halls all seemed so much bigger when I was little and a lot of the teachers from my graduating year have already moved on or changed jobs, and the ones who were still there recognized a lot of us. I could tell a lot of them were proud to see us come this far.”

Graduation then awaited the seniors, which took place on Friday, May 24 at the H-E-B Center.