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IB Citizenship Committee To Host Voter Registration

By Manasa Dendukuri, Photographer

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The IB Citizenship Committee (CitCom) will host voter registration on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at the National Honor Society(NHS) meeting (for NHS members only) and Wednesday, Oct. 5 after school for all other students. Anyone interested should be 18 by election day (Nov. 8), know what county he or she lives in (i.e. Williamson or Travis), and know his or her home address. CitCom encourages anyone eligible to vote to do so and to make the process easier by registering this week after school.

“The 2016 presidential election is the first election some of us will be eligible to vote in. However, it is also one of the most important elections of our time. The repercussions of this decision mandate that all that are able to vote, should. People may claim that one vote doesn’t matter. But your vote is your voice, and it is your responsibility to vote if you want to be heard,” CitCom Co-President Akash Thakkar ‘17 said.

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Manasa Dendukuri, Photographer
Hi, I’m Manasa Dendukuri, and I am part of the class of 2018. This will be my first year in Student Press as a photographer, but my second year in a journalism class. Whenever I’m not suffering in piles of homework, I watch my favorite TV shows or movies, like The Flash, Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, Suits, Tangled, or Pitch Perfect. If I was allowed to listen to music all day everyday, I would, mostly rap, alternative, indie pop, and maybe some mainstream. Some of my favorite songs would be “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine, and “Hide Away” by Daya, and I love trying new things food wise, but my favorite food would be pizza. I have and still enjoy traveling but would also like to travel to Europe, Singapore, and the Caribbean.
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