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Ranking the Short Stories of Stephen King’s ‘Skeleton Crew’

By Oliver Barnfield and Zach Maynes February 24, 2021

After the success of Stephen King’s 1978 short story collection Night Shift, there were still quite a few in his catalogue that hadn’t been widely published. Most were written for magazines or short...

Snorri Hallgimsson’s compositions for Mark Waters’ 'Chasing the Present' musically define how to process emotions as they come. For those struggling with mental health, the soundtrack is a reassurance that everyone is capable of finding peace within themselves. Photo courtesy of Mark Waters and Mike Beech.

Snorri Hallgrímsson’s ‘Chasing the Present’ Soundtrack Reminds us to Feel

By Hannah Jourdan February 23, 2021

Shortly after the debut of its accompanying film in 2019, Snorri Hallgrímsson released one of his most popular albums yet: the soundtrack to Mark Waters’ Chasing the Present. Hallgrímsson’s work...

Check out this year's list of new and old rom-coms that will surely bring laughs and tears. Graphic Courtesy of Zoejane Ostebo

The Rom-Com Roster: Classics and New Films for Any Romance Lover

By Zoejane Ostebo, Reporter February 20, 2021

With 2021 flying by faster than 2020, Valentine’s Day has come quicker than ever before, leaving many in need of a quick and easy plan. So what’s better than a rom-com? Numerous heartstring-tugging...

The Weeknd highlighted the Super Bowl LV halftime show on Sunday, Feb. 7 with his unique stage presence. However, the performance, while being a major step in The Weeknd's career, was not his best. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

The Weeknd Fails to Deliver at Socially Distanced Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

By Amoli Agarwal, Reporter February 17, 2021

Grammy award winning Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Abel Tesfaye, better known as his stage name The Weeknd, headlined the Super Bowl LV halftime show on Sunday, Feb. 7, highlighting his extraordinary...

Artformeals is an online shop that sells artwork made by volunteers to raise money for World Central Kitchen, an organization that provides emergency food relief to communities around the world that are impacted by disaster. Photo courtesy of Artformeals.

Students Sell Artwork to Raise Money for World Central Kitchen

By Nivrithi Kuttuva, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor February 11, 2021

Amid the uncertainty and instability of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nashitha Azeez ‘22 created an Etsy shop for volunteers to sell artwork and raise money for World Central Kitchen, an organization that provides...

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler released the second chapter of their vulnerable joint musical journey with their EP titled 'brent ii.' Photo courtesy of @jeremyzucker

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler Unite in Perfect Harmony With ‘brent ii’

By Amy Simon, Reporter February 7, 2021

Following the release of their album brent, artists Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler return with brent ii, the second chapter of their vulnerable joint musical journey. The EP, released on Friday, Feb....

The new season of 'Attack on Titan' is now premiering. MAPPA studio has done an amazing job on animating the new season. Photo courtesy of @attackontitan

‘Attack on Titan’ Debuts New Season with MAPPA

By Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Extras & Spanish Editor February 6, 2021

After four years and an arduous wait, Attack on Titan’s fans have been able to see their favorite characters once again on screen. On Dec. 7, 2020, season four was released, sparking a lot of discussion...

Jojo Siwa came out on TikTok by posting a video of herself singing along to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” which is widely viewed as an LGBTQIA+ anthem. Photo courtesy of @jojosiwa

Jojo Siwa’s Coming Out Story Inspires Millions

By Amy Simon, Reporter February 3, 2021

Jojo Siwa began 2021 with a sky filled with rainbows by coming out on TikTok. On Wednesday, Jan. 20, Siwa posted a TikTok singing along to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way", which is widely viewed as an...

Disney's new animated movie, 'Soul', adds itself to a troubling pattern. Photo courtesy of Deadline.

A Dangerous Animated Trope: Disney’s Flawed Approach to Representation

By Zoejane Ostebo, Reporter February 2, 2021

Disney has retained the title  of one of the biggest entertainment providers for nearly a century, creating classics from all the different branches of the widespread company. From the Disney Princesses...

'Manhunter' is the forgotten first installment in the 'Silence of the Lambs' universe. But with the power of a devoted cult fanbase, it has survived. Does it stand the test of time? Photo courtesy of Movie Mahal, Logo courtesy of Oscar Favorite

‘Manhunter’: The Hannibal Prequel Time Forgot

By Oliver Barnfield, Reporter January 25, 2021

Silence of the Lambs swept the Oscars stage in 1991. Directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Anthony Hopkins as the iconic Hannibal Lector, it was a commercial hit, with the critics singing its praises...

'Devilman' stuck out to many in the '70s for its character design and

The Long-lasting Impact of ‘Devilman’: Why it’s Significant 50 Years Later

By Reagan Babbitt, Reporter January 23, 2021

Introduction: Nearly 50 years ago, on June 11th, 1972, illustrator and writer Go Nagai, known for his works on Cutie Honey, Mazinger Z, creating and shaping the super robot genre, and pioneering the...

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