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Tired of the usual Paranormal Activity or It films? Check these out instead! Graphic by Oliver Barnfield.

15 Underrated Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

By Oliver Barnfield, Reporter October 23, 2020

October is the perfect time of year to sit back, relax, and enjoy a horror movie. But what if you’ve seen all the classics? Let this serve as a guide through some lesser-known Halloween gems for the...

Blackpink's new album, 'Blackpink: The Album', dropped on Oct. 2, and features 8 unique tracks that combine to form an versatile album that's definitely worth the listen. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Blackpink Releases Versatile Debut Album

By Triambika Dinakaran, Reporter October 18, 2020

Arguably the most popular group in the K-Pop genre second only to global icons BTS, Blackpink has been on a roll ever since their debut in 2016. The band consists of four members - Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo,...

The Vamp's album cover shows cherry blossoms which symbolize the band's 'rebirth' in a new genre. Photo courtesy of The Vamps.

The Vamps Blossom Into New Era With ‘Cherry Blossom’

By Amy Simon, Reporter October 18, 2020

After a two year break, The Vamps, a British pop rock band consisting of Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans resurfaced with their new album Cherry Blossom. The album is unlike...

Orchestra students virtually auditioned for the All-Region Orchestra from Oct. 3 to Oct.7. Graphic by Nashitha Azeez

Orchestra Students Succeed at Virtual Region Auditions

By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor October 16, 2020

Without the possibility of having in-person auditions, orchestra students prepared and recorded their excerpts for the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-Region Orchestra from Saturday, Oct....

An artistic rendering of Bub and a crowd of zombies used for Day's poster. Photo Courtesy of Empire Online

Romero’s ‘Dead Trilogy’ and The Politics of Zombies (Part 3)

By Oliver Barnfield, Reporter October 15, 2020

Day of the Dead (1985) The 1980s were comparatively sedate after the tumultuous ’70s. But that didn’t mean horror director George Romero was going to stop providing his social commentary through...

The Roses captured in a photo displaying their snobbish personalities and quirky looks.
Photo courtesy of @netflix

Final Season of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Has Fans Freaked

By Eshaan Chopra, Reporter October 15, 2020

The treasured Canadian series Schitt’s Creek has finally run dry, ending on a high note with a final sixth season, which aired on Saturday, Oct. 3rd on Netflix. The beloved show has been running for...

The iconic poster art for Romero's masterpiece. Photo Courtesy of Cryptic Rock

Romero’s ‘Dead Trilogy’ and The Politics of Zombies (Part 2)

By Oliver Barnfield, Reporter October 14, 2020

Dawn of the Dead (1978) More than just simple gore films, The Dead Trilogy, directed by George Romero, are filled with humor, social commentary and wonderful zombie action. Straddling three decades,...

Mario flies through the Good Egg Galaxy, a fan favorite level.
Photo courtesy of Stephen Totilo

‘Super Mario Galaxy’ Establishes its Place as Timeless Classic

By Zach Maynes, Reporter October 13, 2020

Among one of the most acclaimed games of all time and one of the shining stars (no pun intended) of the Nintendo Wii’s game library, Super Mario Galaxy, released in 2007, was a huge leap forward...

Laney Popps '21 dances to the band performing

SunDancers Form Sunny Studs Spirit Group

By Katie Hendler, Yearbooker October 8, 2020

Cheers and excitement fill the stands as the football team runs through the inflatable teepee, one of the many traditions surrounding high school sports. Some teams do chants before games, some listen...

Melanie Martinez's new EP 'After School' is a beautiful mix of themed and personal songs. Photo courtesy of @littlebodybigheart

Melanie Martinez’s EP ‘After School’ Sends a Message of Self-Reflection

By Shrika Paramasivam, Reporter October 5, 2020

Melanie Martinez released her EP After School on Friday, Sept. 25. This EP is an extension of her previously released sophomore album K-12. While After School keeps the same child-like aesthetic of K-12,...

'Why Don't We' poses at the Pepsi Jingle Bash in 2018 before their performance. Photo courtesy of Alex Goykhman.

Pop Band Why Don’t We Resurfaces After Hiatus

By Amy Simon, Reporter October 4, 2020

After a nine month long hiatus, Why Don’t We (WDW), a pop music boy band, came back on social media just after their four year anniversary to promote their new song Fallin’ and the complementary music...

The highly anticipated Netflix film 'Enola Holmes' premiered on Sept.23 with positive fan and critic reviews resounding at its gorgeous scenes and powerful storyline. Photo courtesy of @milliebobbybrown

‘Enola Holmes’: Historical Heroine Presents Feminist Commentary Applicable to Present Day

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor October 2, 2020

Enola Holmes is forming her own identity and forging her own path, one lined with cleverness and bravery. The Holmes name we so often synonymize with Sherlock produced more than one witty detective, and...

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