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Christmas Classics: ‘Klaus’

The 2019 film, Klaus, is a heartwarming story that shows how compassion and love can go a long way. Graphic by Shawkin Kabir.
December 30, 2019

One of the traditions that make the holiday season special is the classic movies everyone enjoys year after year. However, the best movies at times are the ones that combine new stories with views of old...

Christmas Classics: ‘The Princess Switch’

The Princess Switch is an enchanting, warm-spirited tale that blends new experiences with self discovery. Graphic by Nivrithi Kuttuva
December 29, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to switch lives with someone, even if it was just for a couple of days? With the holidays approaching, The Princess Switch features this unique, captivating...

Christmas Classics: ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

The Knight Before Christmas is a delightful, heartwarming tale of a Christmas love that transcends time. Graphic by Anouka Saha
December 27, 2019

When people mention being saved by a knight in shining armor, it’s usually not in the literal sense. But for high school teacher Brooke, that’s exactly what happened  While not the most engaging or...

Christmas Classics: ‘Arthur Christmas’

In Arthur Christmas, the main character has a pair of glowing reindeer slippers over stripped socks on at all times, which really captures Arthur's Christmas spirit. Graphic by Maya Gangadharan.
December 19, 2019

When the holidays arrive there’s no doubt that once you turn your television on you’ll be bombarded with Christmas movies and specials on almost every channel. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, Shrek...

Choir Hosts Hot Chocolate House Performance

Joining in harmony, seniors Rachel Rusch, Elsa Hughes, Katya Lopez, Nicole Boisseau, and Laney McFadden perform a memorable rendition of the classic ABBA hit 'Super Trouper.'
December 19, 2019

Choir officers hosted the first Hot Chocolate House for students during both lunches on Friday, Dec. 13. During the event, choir members sang a variety of songs while hot chocolate was served to the...

‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Captures True High School Experiences

'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephan Chbosky is about a socially awkward wallflower. In this book, he takes the reader along with him on his journey of freshman year in high school. He tells the stories of him and his friends in this book published in the late 90's. Graphic by Emily Malone.
December 15, 2019

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a story about a socially awkward boy named Charlie in his freshman year in high school who struggles with on and off depression. He befriends two seniors...

Choir Ends Year with Winter Concert

 The Combined Treble Choirs sings 'Magnificat'. Because of the large number of people singing this song, it required extra rehearsing.
December 12, 2019

The Westwood Choir's Winter Concert brought about Christmas spirit at the Hope Presybterian Church on Dec. 10. The Westwood Choir department contains different groups within the organization, including...

Christmas Classics: ‘Elf’

'Elf' features familiar faces such as Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel, and is directed by 'Iron Man''s Jon Favreau. Graphic by Yunoo Kim.
December 10, 2019

It’s nearing Christmas, and you’re doing some sluggish, last minute shopping. Out of the blue, an adult man, fully dressed as an elf, comes up to you and asks if you have seen his father. What would...

Band Showcases Talent at Winter Concert

Penelope Higdon '22 conducts Wind Symphony, or second band, as she was able to raise more than a thousand dollars for March-a-Thon, a band fundraiser. Photo courtesy of Ms. Farah Metzger.
December 9, 2019

Following a very successful marching season, the Westwood Band hosted their annual winter concert on Thursday, Dec. 5 in the Westwood cafeteria. The concert consisted of performances from all four...

Orchestra Performs at Winter Concert

Mr. Thompson starts the concert with the Camerata orchestra, hoping to begin strong to set a precedence for the rest of the concert.
December 7, 2019

Orchestra performed at their traditional winter concert on Dec. 4 at Hope Presbyterian Church with a series of varied pieces to showcase their artistic capabilities and capture the holiday spirit....

‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ Inspires Viewers with Kind Message

Fred Rogers, played by Tom Hanks, is shown in the middle of his signature opening scene for his show. Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
December 5, 2019

When people look back at their childhood, everyone has their own separate memories and experiences that shaped and influenced their lives today. However, sometimes there are cultural figures so great that...

‘Frozen II’ Blows Audience Away

The poster depicts the main characters along with the four elements (earth, water, wind, fire) that play a predominant role in the film. Photo Courtesy of Disney.
December 2, 2019

As winter approaches, a chilling new film from Disney blows into theaters; Frozen II was released nearly six years after the widely acclaimed animated film Frozen took the world by storm. Highly anticipated...

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