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Top Five Halloween Treats to Try This Year

With all sorts of decorations and colored icing, there are many fun Halloween treats to make. 
Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.
October 23, 2020

Halloween is the one day out of the year that people can dress up in fun costumes and go out trick-or-treating. However, due to COVID-19, many fun treats usually seen in halloween parties haven’t been...

Selena Molinari ’24 Runs Self-Made Jewelry Business

These colorful gummy bear earrings are just one of many products that can be found in Selena's Bazaar.

Photo courtesy of Selena Molinari '24
October 20, 2020

When Selena Molinari ‘24 opened her business in early June, the first thing she did was remind herself that taking risks and working hard are the first steps to success. Complete with a catalog filled...

The Top Ten One Hit Wonders

Groups and artists are sometimes given their fifteen minutes of fame, and that's it.
October 19, 2020

Think of your favorite songs. Without a doubt you’ve listened to their music beyond the song you first listened to. But other times, you simply never listen past that first song, and neither do many...

Nintendo Controllers Ranked from Worst to Best

While the Virtual Boy controller broke new ground, it also broke your hands. Photo Courtesy of Ben Wilhelm
October 18, 2020

Throughout its long, messy history, Nintendo has had many consoles, and one thing that sets it apart from a lot of other video game companies is how different each new controller is. While Sony’s...

Fall Photoshoot Ideas

Katie Hendler '22 poses as a ghost in a field. She went with a friend to do the photoshoot. This is a great example for the ghost photoshoot; put your hands up so it looks like the picture has more movement. 
Photo courtesy of Katie Hendler '22
October 18, 2020

Autumn and Halloween are both amazing times to take cute pictures with friends, family, etc. With all the beautiful leaves that fall off the trees and the scary halloween decorations, you can create...

The Zodiac Signs in Online Class

The Zodiac is made up of 12 signs listed in a horoscope and is based on how the Earth moves through the heavens. But how does this translate into your performance during this year’s virtual classroom? Let's find out!
October 16, 2020

Zodiac signs tell us about our deepest and darkest personality traits by going back to the alignment of planets and stars on the day of our birth, but how do these traits translate into your performance...

What Your Go-To Color in “Among Us” Says About You

Red is just one of the many colors available in Among Us- players are free to pick and choose their own color, given that no one else in the same game has taken it first.
Photo courtesy of axel795.
October 15, 2020

Among Us is a video game that has taken the internet by storm. The game begins with a group of seven to nine “crewmates” and one to three “imposters” running around a spaceship.  As a crewmate,...

Ranking the Stories in Stephen King’s “Different Seasons”

The book cover of Different Season's showcasing the 4 seasons, represented in the book by 4 stories.
October 14, 2020

Stephen King, one of the world’s most famous and prolific writers, may be known for his horror novels like The Shining, Cujo, IT, and The Stand, but before he achieved fame (and even after) he cut his...

Mr. Bailey Hulsey Joins Westwood Faculty

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Bailey Hulsey
October 14, 2020

Mr. Bailey Hulsey joined Westwood this year as an Engineering and Computer Science teacher. Previously, Mr. Hulsey taught at Lake Travis High School for two years. This year will be his third year of teaching....

What Halloween Popcorn Are You?

What Halloween Popcorn Are You?
October 13, 2020

ProProfs - What Halloween Popcorn Are You?

Five Ways to Celebrate the Spookiest Day of the Year

There are many fun and safe things to do during Halloween this year. 
Photo courtesy of cocoparisienne.
October 11, 2020

With all the uncertainty around Halloween due to COVID-19, many families have opted out of fun activities such as parties or trick-or-treating. However, there are still many safe opportunities around Austin...

How Much Do You Know About Bats?

How Much Do You Know About Bats?
October 11, 2020

How Much Do You Know About Bats? by ProProfs

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