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What Star Are You?

What Star Are You?

By Lipika Chatur, Reporter September 9, 2020

What Star Are You? by ProProfs

Back to School List: Quarantine Edition

Back to School List: Quarantine Edition

By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor August 18, 2020

With the pandemic still looming over the country, going back to school is going to be a bit unconventional. Instead of lugging your new backpack through the halls, you will be getting out of bed and going...

The parsley that Grace Green '20 grows. Green also grows other herbs, such as catnip. Photo courtesy of Grace Green '20

Quarantine Quests: Grace Green ’20 Grows Greens

By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor May 5, 2020

With time to expand her horizons and try new hobbies, Grace Green ‘20 has picked up gardening. She mainly grows herbs, including catnip, parsley, and lavender. She picked herbs for fun, and it was also...

A hand holds a cell phone that displays the Netflix loading screen.

Nine Shows and Movies to Binge During Quarantine

By Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Extras & Spanish Editor April 21, 2020

Let’s face it, we all know this quarantine is going to last a while, and we have a lot of free time. So if you get bored and want to watch something fun on Netflix, here are nine shows and movies that...

To pass time during quarantine, Sarah Qi relaxes while working on her cross-stitch. After completed, Qi can wash it for the grid lines to go away. Photo courtesy of Sarah Qi

Quarantine Quests: Sarah Qi ’22

By Joanne Liu, Yearbooker April 14, 2020

With school cancelled for the following two months due to COVID-19, Sarah Qi ‘22 decided to pick up an old hobby during quarantine. For the past few weeks, she continued to explore cross-stitch,...

Displaying her original artwork, Anika Rajkumar '22 took to TikTok in search of fun activities to combat boredom, later finding a new passion  for painting. Photo courtesy of Anika Rajkumar.

Quarantine Quests: Anika Rajkumar ‘22 Finds Joy in Art During Extended School Closure

By Catharine Li , Assistant A&E Editor April 13, 2020

In such a time of unprecedented change, people around the world are seeking activities to encourage positivity as they learn to navigate a rapidly transforming social landscape around them. The student...

Alysa Hernan '21 poses in her red '80s style pants that she created out of an old dress.
Photo Courtesy of Alysa Hernan

Quarantine Quests: Alysa Hernan ’21

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor April 7, 2020

During a time filled with uncertainty, many students are engaging in a myriad of activities and hobbies to keep positive. From baking, jigsaw puzzle making, dancing and every imaginable thing in between,...

The logo for the Westwood Dreamcatcher, the newest addition to Student Press.

Four Ways the Dreamcatcher Will Get Rid of Your Boredom

By Jake Schlanger, Community & World News Editor March 31, 2020

After Austin and Travis County issued the stay at home order, many of us are understandably bored. It doesn’t need to be this way, though, and the Dreamcatcher can help with that. Here are four ways...

Five Activities to Do At Home During the Extended Break

Five Activities to Do At Home During the Extended Break

By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor March 22, 2020

With the risk of the coronavirus, it looks like we’re going to be out of school for quite some time, and the option of traveling to other places is severely limited. However, you don’t always need...

Top Five Houseplants For Beginners

Top Five Houseplants For Beginners

By Melissa Brown, Reporter February 20, 2020

With Spring right around the corner, houseplants are a great way to incorporate greenery into your life, even if you don’t have the space or time to care for an entire garden. There are so many different...

Unconventional Valentine's Day Gifts

Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor February 13, 2020

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, unless of course, you're single. Hearts, candies, and roses are really common gifts received on this day. But why do all these gifts have to be shades of red...

Sudiksha Pradhan '21, Shawkin Kabir '21, and Sruti Mohankumar '21 pose for a photo outside the Long Center for the Performing Arts. They were one of the groups who won the 'Raise Your Voice' Award. Photo courtesy of Shawkin Kabir '21.

Juniors Receive ‘Raise Your Voice’ Award

By Shawkin Kabir, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor February 11, 2020

Shawkin Kabir ‘21, Sudiksha Pradhan ‘21, and Sruti Mohankumar ‘21 were one group of the winners of the Raise Your Voice Award from the Women’s Fund in Austin. The award selection was a grant program...

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