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The startling difference in police conduct against Black Lives Matter protestors and the rioters that illegally entered the Capitol highlights a systemic racism issue in our society and unsettles us, as we view our nation as the land of justice. Photo courtesy of @guardian

Defying Democracy: Rioters at the Capitol Promoted Hate in Guise of Patriotism

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor January 25, 2021

It was quiet. The day was calm like many others and I went about my work, absorbed in the day to day rituals that I did with such frequency that I seemed to function in relative autopilot. This kind of...

Sarah Fuller made history as the first woman to score points in a Power Five football game. While her accomplishment is impressive and groundbreaking, it highlights the inequality in the male-dominated field of football, and the need for more women's opportunities in sports.

Sarah Fuller Makes History with the Commodores Football Team

By Amy Simon, Reporter December 16, 2020

When Sarah Fuller stepped onto the field at the University of Missouri on Saturday, Nov. 28, she wasn’t wearing the goalkeeper jersey associated with Vanderbilt University’s women’s soccer team....

Despite the economic harm a second lockdown will cause, it is ultimately the best solution to combat the rise of coronavirus. That in addition to President Elect Biden's team of science and public health officials will help the United States make coronavirus testing available to everyone and lead the country so a safer future.

A Second Lockdown is Necessary to Contain Coronavirus

By Sarah Wollney, Reporter December 12, 2020

For most Americans the lockdown earlier this year due to COVID-19 caused financial and emotional stress. In late March, the Trump administration closed down non-essential businesses. While that helped...

Despite the political divisiveness, Americans need to remember to listen to each other and stick together. Contrasting ideologies can often cause polarization and harmful behavior towards those who don't share your point of view. Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Tolerance is Critical to Functioning as a Society

By Amira Boutros and Zoejane Ostebo December 8, 2020

During this past year, there has been a massive political divergence between Americans. As we continue to go through the struggles of the pandemic and its effects on the economy, we were also in one of...

The iPhone 12 lineup arrives just in time for the holiday season. Each phone has its benefits and drawbacks against the others but overall, the lineup is comprised of incredible and versatile new technology. Photo courtesy of rajtechnews.

The iPhone 12 Lineup Sets the Bar High for New Technology

By Amy Simon, Reporter November 25, 2020

The new iPhone 12 lineup including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini was released on Friday, Nov. 13. With a new exterior and added camera effects, Apple easily makes...

The 2020 presidential race was a historical event, with the most votes received for a presidential candidate as well as the first woman of color to occupy the office of Vice President. To many, the Biden-Harris campaign signifies a dawn of hope and prosperity, of living in a world where anything is possible. Photo Courtesy of Scott Olson

Collected Thoughts Surrounding the Election from an Iranian-American Girl

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor November 16, 2020

In cascades, it felt as if four years of paralyzing fear collapsed. The air encompassing me had not changed but now it was serene and warm. That frigid body of hate was no longer layered within it- it...

The upcoming release of 'Songbird' is proof of Hollywood's lack of sensitivity when it comes to issues affecting real people. The plot is tacky and borderline offensive, creating a film no one should watch. Photo courtesy of STXfilms

Michael Bay’s Upcoming Film ‘Songbird’ is an Insensitive Travesty

By Hannah Ashtari, Assistant Community and World News Editor November 13, 2020

It’s no secret that celebrities are so far removed from reality they are rarely able to hit the right mark when it comes to relations with normal, rational human beings. At the very best, a misstep from...

Amy Coney Barrett is President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. She prides herself on being a originalist, which seems counterintuitive considering how much America has changed since the constitution was first written. Her ideals will ultimately end up harming the American people. Photo courtesy of Julian Velasco.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Originalist Beliefs Threaten the American Dream

By Amy Simon, Reporter October 25, 2020

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court mominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, participated in three days of confirmation hearings from Monday, Oct. 12 to Wednesday, Oct. 14. On day two, she blatantly announced...

During the pandemic, many are turning to sports as a form of entertainment. However, this is not safe for the players involved. There have been many cases of the coronavirus in sports teams at the national and local level, proving that sports either need stricter coronavirus related policies, or to be outright cancelled. Photo courtesy of CEBImagery

Sports Seasons Should Not be Resuming

By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor October 21, 2020

After some time of not playing due to the coronavirus, sports from the local to the national level have been practicing and playing again over the last few months. Team and game organizers have tried to...

Though astrology and astronomy sound similar, the subjects themselves are actually very different. While astronomy is rooted in fact and truth, astrology is built on unfounded assumptions and lies. It is important to take everything in astrology with a grain of salt and be careful about what we believe. Photo Courtesy of European Space Agency

Astrology is Not a Real Science

By Lipika Chatur, Reporter October 21, 2020

To be as blunt as possible, astrology is not a science, it is a meme. It has no scientific validity and rather is regarded as pseudoscience. There are still many people, however, who credit astrology to...

Though the vice presidential debate was infinitely more civil than the presidential one, not much was revealed about either party's plans for the future. Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris spent much of their time attacking the other person's platform and deflecting questions. Courtesy of Alex Wong

The Vice Presidential Debate: A Disappointingly Dull Debate of Deflections

By Triambika Dinakaran, Reporter October 15, 2020

The vice-presidential debate took place on October 8th in Salt Lake City, Utah, and came as a breath of relief after the absolute disaster that was the presidential debate. Senator Kamala Harris and Vice...

While people often preach equality, they simultaneously refuse to acknowledge others' points of view. This can be prevented through mutual understanding and educating each other.

Society Must Work Towards Equality and Tolerance

By Silvia Ciacci, Reporter October 13, 2020

So you want to talk about equality, how we need to respect our differences and not judge people for them. The issue with it is that there never has been a perfect balance of it. Now you may be saying ‘well...

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