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Americans across the country tuned in to watch the presidential debate, not expecting the drama chaos that would unfold. Both candidates refused to cooperate and follow debate rules, especially President Donald Trump, and the moderator was unable to stop the two from turning the event from a time-honored tradition to one without any substance. Courtesy of time.com

The Presidential Debate Shows a Need for Reform

By Hannah Ashtari, Assistant Community and World News Editor October 9, 2020

It does not have to be said that the Sept. 29 presidential debate was a disaster. Like a chasm opening in the ground while an earthquake rages, it seemed to only get worse, creating a black hole of darkness...

America has a long history of neglecting the rights and lives of people with disabilities. While attempts have been made to amend this in the past, a more drastic change is needed if we want to live cooperatively as a society. Photo courtesy of Geralt

The Ongoing Struggle of Social Injustice for People With Disabilities

By Amy Simon, Reporter October 3, 2020

As a nation with inalienable human rights, the U.S. needs to get better at recognizing people with disabilities. In the U.S. alone, there are 61 million adults who live with a disability. Only 41 percent...

Cancel culture is used as a weapon by the masses, to get rid of support for content creators who have done problematic things. However, this action is not always justified, considering the complexities of people's problems as well as the scale of them. Photo courtesy of Lewis Ogden

Cancel Culture Needs to be Modified

By Sage Clark, Reporter October 3, 2020

If you’ve been active on social media in the past couple of years, you may have noticed the rising trend of cancel culture. As the name of this movement suggests, cancel culture is the process of multiple...

A visionary and globally recognized figure, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg served as a prominent figure in the pursuit of equality. Photo Courtesy of @nytmag

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Luminary Donning a Lace Collar and Judicial Robes

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 29, 2020

Women of all ages had found their heroic leader, the figurehead of strengthened women’s rights and a truly vividly intelligent and brave woman who defied years of sexism. A woman who went on to have...

Puppy mills have already been known for their substandard treatment of animals, but the issue has escalated over the course of the pandemic. To make change, we as a society need to make sure they are held accountable for their unethical actions. Photo Courtesy of JACLOU-DL.

Unethical Practices in Puppy Mills Must be Stopped

By Sage Clark, Reporter September 25, 2020

Quarantine has brought along multiple challenges for the public which has led to new, innovative ways to cope with this self isolation. For many parents in particular, getting their children to adapt to...

The Gay Panic Defense law is an extremely controversial law which justifies a person's sexual orientation as motive for crimes committed against them. Many are calling for it to be repealed, considering how it lightens the sentence against murderers and discriminates against members of the LGBTQ+ community. Photo courtesy of Ted Eytan

The Gay Panic Defense Law Needs to be Abolished

By Sage Clark, Reporter September 21, 2020

Over the past years, America hasn’t exactly been best known for its famous testament of, “liberty and justice for all,” as seen by the multiple human’s rights activist groups fighting to repeal...

New Voices Texas is a student-led movement that strives to amplify the voices of student journalists and advocate for strengthened First Amendment rights for high school and collegiate level student journalists. Photo Courtesy of New Voices Texas

New Voices Texas Advocates to Stop Censorship of Student News

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 18, 2020

In the preservation of democracy, we seek our knowledge from the press. We live in a  highly polarized climate, so we must be aware of biases in the news we consume. The exercise of the press is valuable,...

COVID-19 has caused pain around the world but conversely, has also helped the environment. The air has cleared in many places such as the US and China and animals are living healthier than they have been in recent years.

Despite the Negative Impacts, COVID-19 has also Drastically Improved the Environment

By Savannah Estabrook, Yearbooker September 14, 2020

Ever since the global pandemic, COVID-19, there have been drastic indirect changes within the air. With motor vehicles, power plants, and other facilities slowing to a halt, the greenhouse gases they emit...

A pride flag flies during pride month at a military base in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. As attitudes towards them shift in a positive direction, President Trump and his administration continue to undermine their rights.

The Trump Administration is Undermining LGBTQ+ Rights

By Amy Simon, Reporter August 31, 2020

The Justice Department has supported discrimination against the LGBTQ community in a series of efforts led by the Trump administration to undermine basic rights of these Americans. Since Mr. Trump’s...

Recent discussions have brought issues with gender and racial discrimination to light.  Unfortunately, these problems seem to be present at Westwood High School as well, with students coming forward about the injustices they faced at this school. This can be fixed however, by promoting discussion and stricter disciplinary action against people who perpetuate a culture of hate.

Students Speak out About Race and Gender Discrimination

By Dia Jain and Keya Sampat August 23, 2020

This story includes mentions of suicide and sexual assault which may be triggering to some individuals. Please read with caution. With the current movement to educate ourselves and others, many students...

The highly popular test kitchen staff is widely regarded for their Youtube channel. But the recent scandal regarding former Editor in Chief Adam Rapoport, has brought staffers to speak up about the discriminatory culture at Bon Appétit.

Racially Insensitive Issues in Bon Appétit are Part of a Larger Problem

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor June 16, 2020

Bon Appétit has always stood as a testament to high editorial standards and exploring the rich culture of food. A highly acclaimed food magazine and richly regarded business based in New York City, Bon...

Protestors gather to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin, a cop. His death sparked a series of protests against the ongoing issue of police brutality and racism.

George Floyd’s Death Emphasizes the Need for Change in America’s Mindset

By Amoli Agarwal, Reporter June 7, 2020

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man in Minneapolis, Minnesota, died on Monday, May 25 shortly after being detained and arrested for using a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes. While this alleged...

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