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updated 18 November 2020

Please email [email protected] to schedule pickup for your 2020 yearbook. A few books are still available to purchase. Email for details.


Keep in mind that we must remain flexible during the pandemic. Updates to our plans due to COVID-19 will be posted here and announced through every available channel. Students, please read your student email regularly; parents, please pay attention to emails from the principal.

Special Arrangement for 2021 COVID: 
Students may upload their own portrait for use in the yearbook. See information below.


If you have had your portrait taken at Prestige, you do not need to do anything else–they will send it to us for the yearbook.

If you have NOT had your senior portrait taken yet, you have until Dec. 15 to upload your own. You should have received a link from BALFOUR inviting you to upload your portrait. If you have NOT received that link, and you wish to upload your own senior portrait, please fill out THIS FORM to be added to the list. You will receive the email from Balfour with the link within a few days. The deadline for uploading your own portrait for the yearbook is Dec. 15.

Senior Ads were on sale through November 1.  Please submit your ad content by Dec. 1.  Click here for details, forms, and sample ads.

If you have missed the deadline but would like to purchase a senior ad, please email [email protected] to inquire whether a space may still be available. Ads can no longer be purchased online, but may be purchased directly from us until all space is filled.

Please note that an ad purchase does not include the yearbook, unless you purchased the Senior Deluxe Package.


We will have Lifetouch on campus Nov. 18 to take school pictures for on-campus learners in grades 9, 10, and 11. At-home learners or those who miss picture day are invited to submit their own portrait for use in the yearbook.

How to upload your own portrait for the yearbook: all grades

A unique link will be emailed from Balfour to parent accounts that were available in the school records at the beginning of the school year. We are unable to send the link to student accounts because of district safety restrictions on student accounts.

If you (parent) have not received the email from Balfour inviting you to upload your photo, it is because we did not have your email. Please complete this form in order to be added to the database. You should then receive the email with the link to upload your portrait within a few days.

The deadline to upload your portrait for use in the yearbook is Dec. 15.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portrait Upload

Why am I being asked to submit a portrait photo?
Due to local mandates, we are unable to gather yearbook portraits as we have in past years. This easy tool helps you upload, crop and submit a picture of your students directly to the yearbook staff. Your portrait will appear in the grade section of the 2021 yearbook. 

Will there be a picture day at school?
We are having Lifetouch portraits taken at Westwood on November 18. If you are on campus that day, you may have your picture taken and you do not need to send one in. We’re asking at-home learners to send in their portrait to use in the yearbook. If you are on campus but you miss picture day, or you don’t like your picture, you may also submit your own portrait using the link above.

What tips should I consider before submitting my portrait?
We’re looking for a simple, classic headshot image of your student. The best photos are those with neutral, simple backgrounds with space above the head and shoulders for ample cropping. Ideal images are those taken in a vertical manner with no other people in the photo. Be sure your photo meets all school dress code guidelines for inclusion in the book. Your upload link is unique to you–don’t share it!

Balfour put together this handy guide to walk through the steps for submitting your student’s photo.


In light of the current uncertainty of school activities, please check your student email account regularly and pay attention to school announcements/emails from the principal. Follow us on Twitter @whsStudentPress and Instagram @westwoodstudentpress for up-to-date announcements.

Ordering your yearbook: Once the online store opens on September 1, click here to order your yearbook. You should also receive an order form in the mail from Balfour. Order IN THE FALL for the best price…books get more expensive as the year goes on. We do not plan to order a lot of extra books, so order now to make sure you get one. The yearbook price is $75 in August, $85 in January, and $100 in May.  Yearbooks are typically distributed during lunches on an announced day in mid-May and may be picked up in D-1311 any time after that.   Any yearbooks that are not picked up by the last day of school become the property of the yearbook staff and may be re-sold. The deadline to order a yearbook is April 30. Sales will close on that date until after distribution day. After distribution day, any remaining books may be purchased for $100, cash only, on a first-come, first-served basis. The only way to be certain you will get a book in May is to order it before March 1, as that is when our exact quantities are set and it is possible we may sell out of books before the end of April.


Name changes: If you want us to use a different name in the yearbook other than the one in the official school records, you have until September 30 to tell us. Come by D-1311, or send us an email at [email protected]. We may not be able to make changes after this date.


Proofs: All students have the opportunity to check their school portraits and name spellings. We make proofs available in alpha offices and with teachers as soon as we get them. Pay attention to student email accounts for announcements on this. Once proof time has passed, we won’t be able to make changes. Proofs usually happen in November or December. We are not sure how we will do proofs this year due to the pandemic.


Be careful with opt-out forms from the district. Each year, we have students who are not allowed to be pictured in the yearbook because their parents signed the form saying not to picture them; usually, this was unintentional.


If you don’t want to be pictured in the yearbook, please don’t show up for portraits or group photos. We cannot remove an entire group’s photo because of one person. Please take responsibility for your own actions.


Please bookmark westwoodhorizon.com and visit often for student news and updates about yearbooks, portraits, and more. From there, you can also follow us on Twitter @whsStudentPress,  like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @westwoodstudentpress, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Any questions about yearbooks, senior ads, school pictures, or senior portraits may be emailed to [email protected]. The Student Press faculty adviser is Lanie Catuogno, and she can be reached at [email protected].



Please note this information should be updated prior to the start of each new school year. If you find a link or info that is out of date, please email [email protected].