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JV Boys’ Basketball Falls to Dragons 57-51

By Sathvik Allala, Social Media Editor

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After a long fought game, the JV boys’ basketball team lost to the Dragons with a final score of 57-51. Though they were able to beat the Dragons, weeks before, the Warriors maintained a burdening disadvantage under the Dragons throughout most of the game, on Tuesday Feb. 6.

“We have played the Dragons before, and they changed because they were able to hit more shots and [they also] moved some kids from varsity down,” Justin Chen ’20 said.

With a lack of energy and motivation, the Warriors found themselves caught in a perpetual obstacles throughout the first half of the game, leaving them with a score of 22-25.

“There was a disadvantage because we didn’t come into the game with same amount of energy as them,” Anish Maddipoti ’20 said.

Even though the Warriors fell behind in the first half, they were able to get back in the game during the third quarter and win themselves a lead of 41-37.

“We came out with a lot of energy and we attacked,” Dylan Granger ’19 said. “Good things happened.”

As the game was reaching its end, the Warriors found themselves frequently fouling, giving the Dragons easily scored free throw points. This caused the Warriors to lose their hard fought advantage and disappointingly lose by six points.

“They were getting to the hole and our last attempt at stopping them was trying to block them and we kept fouling,” Granger said. “We were very undisciplined in the 4th.”

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