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  • How do I get involved with Westwood Student Press? – Take Intro to Journalism! It’s an open-enrollment class that covers reporting, writing, photography, video, design, and everything you need to know to be part of Westwood Student Press. Advanced Journalism is the next level, and it’s by instructor approval only. Here’s a link to the staff application.
  • Did you know you have an error in a story? –Well, we try to be perfect, but if you find a mistake, please send us an email to [email protected].
  • What happened to the print edition? –Paper kills trees and wastes money. The online paper is cheaper, cooler and can be updated at anytime, not just every six weeks. We know you miss the Thundercloud coupons, but honestly that’s not worth us paying $600 to print each paper issue of old news. Get with the times and follow us on Twitter.
  • Why isn’t my comment on a story? -It may not have been approved or you may have broken one of our rules. The most common reason is, you didn’t leave your name and email. Be nice enough to tell us who you are.
  • Does the principal read content on this site? — We hope so! Stories on this site are “news” to the administration, too. All work on this site is controlled by students, not administration. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the teacher, principal, or any other staff member.
  • Does anyone really read this stuff? -We get several thousand hits a week from unique users. There aren’t that many of us in Journalism, so someone else must be reading us, too!
  • Do you really need to interrupt class for interviews? –Well, yes, actually, we do. We try very hard to be respectful of teachers’ and students’ time in class, but sometimes we have to interrupt in order to get some quick information or arrange to have an interview later. Nobody loves a journalist. We accept that.