Westwood Horizon

Varsity Tennis Stomps McNeil 10-0 in District Semi-Final

By Catharine Li, Assistant A&E Editor | October 22, 2020

Hands clasped tight through fence holes, cheers erupted as the varsity tennis team watched as the final matches sealed a 10-0 overall victory over the McNeil Mavericks in the district semi-final on Monday, Oct. 19.  Fronting a seamless team showing, a 6-0 lead in doubles ending just shy of an hour solidified the tone for the rest of the afternoon. Groundstrokes flew deep with high, heavy topspin, unrelenting in their goal to induce opponent error and open up the court for full, blanketing coverage to capitalize on opportunities and dictate the point by way of a crash to the net to pounce on short balls. Swift to the toes and never a backpedal to the heels, players kept their eyes straight ahead, preempting ball trajectory to maintain cool, controlled agility over every movement. Partnerships...

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