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Ranking the Stories in Stephen King's 'Nightmares and Dreamscapes'
By Oliver Barnfield and Zach Maynes May 5, 2021

After the phenomenal success of Night Shift, Skeleton Crew, and Different Seasons, Stephen King was ready to make another short story anthology. Much of the collection would end up being odds and ends, with the majority serving as homages to other writers. King sprinkled in a few poems and nonfiction stories and called it a day, and with that, 1993’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes would be his longest...

Lee Isaac Chung
'Minari' Explores Korean American Roots
By Yunoo Kim, Extras Editor • April 29, 2021
India is battling to control its recent COVID-19 outbreak that is devastating the nation. Westwood
Westwood Students React to COVID-19 Surge in India
By Amoli Agarwal, Reporter • May 3, 2021

After over a year since COVID-19 spread across the world and triggered a global pandemic, India is facing a national crisis with a devastating wave of new infections. Though the country had previously escaped some of the worst complications of the disease, it is now contending with oxygen and hospital bed shortages, mass cremations, and more than 350,000 cases per day. The case numbers continue to...

The warriors and their family sit and attentively listen to the All State winners. Each family brought their own picnic table and food to minimize the spread of germs.
Warrior Swim and Dive Honored at End of Year Banquet
By Victoria Novoa, Photographer • May 7, 2021

On Saturday, April 12, the Westwood Swim and Dive team hosted their annual end of the year banquet. Due to some restrictions caused by COVID-19, the banquet this year...

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) is widely projected to be the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The NFL Draft has historically been one of the most popular events on the calendar for football fans. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
A Beginner's Guide to the 2021 NFL Draft
By Sourav Dhar, Sports Editor • April 29, 2021
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The weight room for the men at the NCAA college basketball tournament was well-stocked and expansive, while for the women it was extremely sparse. The disparity showed even in the food they were served and the goodie bags they got, showing the lack of equality for all genders in the sport. Photo Courtesy of ABC News.
NCAA Shows Double Standards in Collegiate Basketball
By Amy Simon, Reporter • April 5, 2021

As teams began settling in for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) women’s basketball tournament that began on Sunday, March 21, the female athletes found...

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Yearbook Distribution to be Held This Week
Yearbook Distribution to be Held This Week
By Nivrithi Kuttuva, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor • May 9, 2021

The Heritage yearbook distribution event will be held in the Fieldhouse Gym Foyer from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, May 10, and Tuesday, May 11. Students who purchased a yearbook...

Senior Cap and Gown Pickup Day Approaches
Senior Cap and Gown Pickup Day Approaches
By Nivrithi Kuttuva, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor • April 30, 2021
Senior Parents and Students to Host Private Prom
Senior Parents and Students to Host Private Prom
By Nashitha Azeez, Dreamcatcher Art & Photography Editor • April 12, 2021
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