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The student news site of Westwood High School.

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The student news site of Westwood High School.

Westwood Horizon

Speaking to the crowd, Principal Dr. Mario Acosta addresses the 2021 graduates on their graduation day in May 2021. The principal will speak at one more graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 24 before he leaves Westwood.
On Learning and Rebuilding: A Discussion with Dr. Acosta About Administration and Resignation
By Amoli Agarwal, Catharine Li, Hannah Ashtari, and Keana Saberi May 22, 2022

As an educator of 20 years, Principal Dr. Mario Acosta believes that the mark of a “high quality” leader is one who “[builds] such depth...

Omicron sublineages BA.4 and BA.5, new variants with the ability to overcome antibodies, threaten the possibility of another stage 5 wave of COVID-19.
Graphic by Yunoo Kim
Omicron Variants BA.4 and BA.5 Threaten Another COVID-19 Surge
By Mallory Milner, Reporter • May 13, 2022

Throughout the spring of 2022, deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have drastically declined. While back in January, about 150,000 people were hospitalized on a seven...

Ms. Melissa Rangel has signed on as a new biology and chemistry teacher. She is excited to teach at a larger school with a different student body. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Rangel
New Biology and Chemistry Teacher Melissa Rangel Joins Westwood Faculty
By Amelia Spielman, Yearbooker • September 12, 2021

Originally aiming to become a school counselor, Ms. Melissa Rangel fell in love with teaching science and has stuck with it ever since. As one of this year’s new Biology...

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Mr. Bradley Walker is the new assistant principal for last names A-Co. He aims to motivate and inspire all of the students he works with. Photo Courtesy of Bradley Walker
Mr. Bradley Walker Signs On as New Assistant Principal
By Eshaan Chopra and Kumud Arora September 11, 2021

Essential oil is not the only soothing element about Mr. Bradley Walker. As the new Assistant Principal for students’ last names A-Co, Mr. Walker always radiates a sense...

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Heather Hay talks about Safe in Austin
April 28, 2021

Heather Hay talks about her experience with Austin's rescue ranch Safe in Austin.

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Freshman Talk about their First Year of High School in a Pandemic
April 23, 2021

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New Years Resolutions
January 28, 2021

Students talk about their new years resolutions and hopes for 2021.

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Tales of the Fabulist, a game created by Catherine Hughes 22 and her family, combines many elements for a fast-paced and humorous card game. Photo courtesy of Catherine Hughes.
Catherine Hughes '22 Creates Game 'Tales of the Fabulist'
By Hannah Ashtari, Managing Editor • December 3, 2020

Three years in the making and created by Catherine Hughes ‘22 and her family, Tales of the Fabulist is a tabletop storytelling game that combines improvisation and teamwork....

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