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Choir’s Cabaret Show Pays Homage to Grammy Award’s 60 Anniversary

By Alyssa Kamouie, Reporter

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A tribute to the Grammy’s was held at the Round Rock ISD Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m.. Westwood Choirs’ Cabaret performance included popular wins from the award show, along with colorful costumes and elaborate choreography. The show was split into two acts, complete with a 10 minute intermission. A variety of solos, accompanying vocals or instruments, and selected groups were introduced by an enthusiastic host throughout the night, which further sold the Hollywood theme.

The first act started with a choreographed number to “Uptown Funk” which involved all the choirs. It was followed up by two solos, two duets, two ensembles, and several select choirs. Sejal Jain ‘20 performed “Believe,” which was praised for the overall enthusiastic performance with a gold sparkly jumper, matching head piece, and background dancers Ashley Howell ‘21 and Violet Burns ‘21.

“My favorite song to be a part of was “Hey Jude” because we were all together, singing and clapping, which was really fun. Plus we got the audience involved,” Nupur Sampat ‘19 said. “My favorite to watch was the Select Women’s, which is the freshmen girls, because they are all new to Westwood and, as a junior, it’s cool to watch them get into it and having so much fun in choir.”

The second act followed with two company pieces, six solos, Chamber Choir, and an ensemble. The last two songs, a performance of “Lean On Me”, put on by the class of ‘18, accompanied by a slideshow, was followed by “Hey Jude,” which created a bittersweet atmosphere for students and viewers alike.

“Having this be one of the last choir concerts is honestly amazing. Unfortunately this was my first year in choir,” Ali Mohsin ‘18 said. “I barely got into singing last year and my peers motivated me to go for choir, which was a great decision. I wish I had joined sooner because I love it, but the time that I spent was great.”

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