Freshman Volleyball Overpowered by Hays 2-0

By Yunoo Kim, Reporter

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On Tuesday, Aug. 20, the Lady Warriors lost 2-0 to the Hays Rebels.

The first point of the game went to the Rebels, but the Warriors quickly caught up with a strong team effort. In the beginning of the first set, the Warriors played a tense game in which the score difference was never over four points. However, they started to drag behind as the Rebels scored consecutively. With well-aimed spikes from Kimberly Kim ‘23 and Macie Gordon ‘23, the Warriors nearly closed the gap once more with a score of 23-22, but they narrowly lost the set 25-22. 

“Our communication was off,” Kylie Wardlow ‘23 said.  “Our head wasn’t in it. Volleyball is a big mental game and we just weren’t there, mentally. We started getting up again. We started getting our points back. Then we made one mistake and we just fell right back in to the bottom.”

The Warriors scored the first point of the second set with a spike by Wardlow which the Rebels failed to return. The Warriors sustained a secure lead for the first half of the set. Eliana Oquendo ‘23 served four times in succession before Hays was able to retaliate, and the Warriors were able to set the score to 12-6 before a timeout was called. Despite the Warriors’ great start, the Rebels eventually overtook them, and another close battle took place. There were several tight plays and exhausting rallies before the Warriors lost the set 25-20. 

“I think we got over ourselves, that we were overestimating ourselves and our abilities,” Katie Liu ‘23 said. “If we talked more, read our hitters, and watched the free balls we probably would have won.”

The Freshman Volleyball team will play their next game against Cedar Ridge in the Aux Gym on Friday, Sept. 6.