Students Attend First Pep Rally of Year

By Keya Sampat and Sara Momin

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The first pep rally of the school year took place on Aug. 31 in the big gym. As always, it was filled with school spirit and excitement, and many students performed or gave a speech about their area of interest. Because the date coincided with Principal Mario Acosta and six other students’ birthdays, they celebrated by smashing cake into each others’ faces.

FOOTBALL: What are your goals for your team this season?  

“We really want to see each other grow as a team, and we want to end up making playoffs and winning district outright,” Ethan Brown ‘19 said.

K-POP CLUB: What do you enjoy most about performing as a K-pop Club member in pep rallies?

“For me it’s really fun to show off what our club works on all year round and to perform with friends. The first time we performed [was enjoyable] because it was like the revitalization of our club. It felt really good to kind of show that we weren’t just some club that sat around and didn’t do anything,” George Ruhlman ‘20 said.

VOLLEYBALL: How do you hope to improve this year?

“I want to try and become a better player and get to know the girls better, because we’re from different schools that combined. Being with the team and the energy, we’re always peppy and happy, and we keep each other up,” Elizabeth Duff ‘22 said.

DEBATE: How are you feeling about your first tournament?

“I went to a debate tournament prior but it wasn’t formal so I’m excited [to go to a tournament]. I want to get the highest level possible and to varsity as fast as possible,” Bowen James ‘22 said.

BAND: What do you like about pep rallies, and as a senior, what was one of your favorite moments of performing?

“We spend a lot of time outside of school working really hard. This is when we get to just have fun, perform, and sit on what we have already worked so hard to get done. I think my favorite memory of the pep rally has always been watching the Break Dance Club’s performance [because] it’s always so cool,” Cordell Foulk ‘19 said.

SUNDANCERS: What are you looking forward to in your first year of being a SunDancer?

“I really am looking forward to grow as a team and perform with all my other friends for the first time, because we practiced a lot and worked really hard. As one of the youngest members, I feel like I want to grow to fit in with everyone else, so they don’t see me as someone that’s younger or worse,” Vivian Lang ‘21 said.

FRESHMEN: What did you like about your first pep rally, and what was your most memorable moment?

“I liked the energy of this pep rally, and I especially liked all the performances we had. My most memorable moment would be when the SunDancers came up, because they are always my favorite part to watch,” Fatimah Shah ‘22 said.