Swim and Dive Out-Touched by Vandegrift Vipers

By Victoria Novoa

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The swim and dive team went up against the Vandegrift Vipers on Sept. 8. Full of exhilarating races, the Warriors fell just short losing by just 150 points. Westwood had some amazing neck-and-neck races as well high spirits, and time improvements throughout the meet.

“I thought the meet went well in that the team had a tremendous attitude and fought hard in every race,” Coach Matt McBrearty said.

One of the first events of the meet was the boys’ 200-yard medley relay that took the win. With Nathan Early ‘20, Benji Truong ‘21, Joshua Louie ‘20, and Cole Hebert ‘19 swimming for the A relay team, they defeated Vandegrift by just a second.

“My favorite part of the meet was the medley relay,” B. Truong said. “There was an atmosphere of excitement and team spirit that felt great.”

Since it was the first meet of the season, many swimmers were not expecting huge time improvements. KyAnh Truong ‘21 wasn’t too worried about getting time improvements during the meet.

“I didn’t expect any drops or anything close to person bests,” K. Truong said. “It’s the first meet of the season, and it takes a couple of months to get back into full shape.”

Even though the team lost, many took something away from the meet, now knowing what to improve for next time.

“I’m going to do more endurance training so I finish strong in my events,” Abbey Truong ‘19 said.

Coach McBrearty was satisfied with how the meet went, and was proud to see how his swimmers did throughout.

“The meet confirmed what I already knew, just a fantastic group of athletes in and out of the water,” Coach McBrearty said. “As a team, and as a family.”

The team’s next meet is the annual Orange vs. Black Intramural meet on Saturday, Sept. 15 at 3 p.m..