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Parents and Students Attend College Admissions Night

By Nuha Momin, Index Manager

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As they file in, parents pick up handouts about admissions and financial aid.

Parents and students gathered in the cafeteria on Wednesday, Oct. 10 to better their understanding of the college admissions process. To help out, Lead Counselor Holly Browning invited various college representatives from Texas State, Baylor, and Rhodes College. Ms. Browning informed everyone about campus visits, testing requirements, recommendation letters, and scholarship money.

As parents walked into the event, they picked up pamphlets about the college process. Ms. Browning then clicked through her PowerPoint and addressed the most common questions parents and students had. The panel of representatives furthered the answers by pitching in their ideas.

“I decided to have my parents come because I felt like it’s necessary for them to understand the application process,” Mehak Satsangi ‘19 said. “Also, I think it’s important for my parents to know information first hand from colleges rather than me having to explain the process.”

The panel discussed more about their requirements for testing (SAT and ACT), essays, and recommendation letters, information which can be found on each individual college’s website. As helpful as the Common Application website can be to inform you about the deadlines you need to meet, Ms. Browning stressed the importance of visiting the websites of the colleges you want to apply to.

“TCU will take a video from a student, or you can decorate a one piece page of paper with anything you want, and they will take it towards their admissions decision,” Ms. Browning said in her speech. “You would never know that on Common App, but if you’d gone on their website you would’ve. So I can’t stress enough that you need to be on these colleges websites.”

The panel also covered the differences between the different types of application deadlines. It discussed the financial aid process, which is completed through FAFSA, as well as how to receive more money from colleges. To end the night, parents and students approached the admission officers and asked any questions they had. To learn more about and completed the FAFSA, you can attend the meeting held on Oct. 15 at Round Rock high school. Also, if you missed the admissions night or want to learn more about the college admissions process, please visit the counselors’ page.

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