Student Organizations Decorate Hallways for Homecoming

By Keya Sampat, Campus News Editor

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Nearing Homecoming, many clubs and organizations put up decorations in the hallway in order to show their school spirit. Their theme was  “All the places you’ll go,” so all of the clubs thought up unique ways to decorate their hallway. There was a competition between the clubs for the best hallway decorations, which National French Honors Society (NFHS) won.

“Our Student Council officers met over the summer, and we thought about ideas for the hallway decorations, and ‘All the places you’ll go’ seemed very diverse. We knew that each club could have their own special niche location, for example National French Honors Society chose Paris and Choir did Neverland [which] was one of my favorites. It was super cool to see what everyone was doing. I think this really brought the Homecoming spirit to our school, especially because our parade got canceled, so at least seeing the hallway decorations was really nice,” Student Council President Janice Oh ‘19 said.

“Me and a couple of friends sat inside with the rest of the group making jerseys with [soccer players] names on it like Griezmann and Loras. Different people had different groups for things, like decorating the tree and gluing it on the wall, doing the jerseys, and [making] the Arc de Triomphe which took a long time which people were coloring. It was a great bonding experience for the group,” Florie Sambuis ‘20 said.

“It was really fun. Our main focus was Gallaudet because that is the only ASL college in America, and the rest of the colleges had ASL majors. I like that the decorations look really clean [and] good, and we stayed until around 8 p.m. after school making it,” ASL club vice president Vanessa Henley ‘20 said.

“Our theme was Neverland, and we stayed after school to paint posters of various places and characters, such as a poster of Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. It was a really good bonding experience, and I enjoyed working as a team,” Anouka Saha ‘21 said.

“We made really good posters in order to advertise HOSA.  Our theme was Health City from Dr. Seuss, and there were really good artists, people, and the posters encouraged other people to join HOSA,” Ansh Purohit ‘21 said.