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Librarians Hold Valentine’s Day Breakout Sessions

By Rosie Deal and Ruhee Nemawarkar

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Valentine’s Day was celebrated through breakout sessions held in the library over lunch Feb. 12, 13, and 14 to create a buzz for the holiday. Similar to an escape room, these sessions involved puzzles that were Valentine’s Day themed and had the students using clues to open locks that ultimately opened the box they were working on.

“I like solving puzzles,” Imran Sohail ‘22 said. “These types of puzzles are new to me so it’s the first time I saw it which made it challenging.”

Breakout sessions are designed by the librarians and are held at various times during the year depending on the events or holidays going on. They’re  designed to be both fun and engaging to the students to get them in the holiday spirit.

“We have these breakout kits and we try to do a couple of these breakouts a couple times a year because they’re fun for kids to do during lunch,” librarian Lauren Kluck said.

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When I'm not at school, I can be found playing soccer, drawing or painting, or listening to music. I also love spending my free time reading, writing, and hanging with my friends.
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