Varsity Softball Shuts Out McNeil Mavericks 16-0

By Sathvik Allala, Marketing Director

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In the much anticipated night, the varsity girls’ softball team triumphed over the McNeil Mavericks on Tuesday, April 2 with a score of 16-0. In addition to the weeks of preparation and effort implemented prior to the game, the supportive chants from the bullpen and the Lady Warriors’ superior softball performance made the victory possible.

“In this game against McNeil, I know my girls played their hardest against them, no matter the opponent,” Natalie O’Connor ‘20 said. “In the losing rut the softball program is facing, I’m glad my team is having fun as we finish up our season with another win under our belt.”

The Lady Warriors take on the Vandegrift Vipers away from home on Tuesday, April 9.