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Brendon Urie performs Do It To Death in Austin Sept. 8.

Panic! At the Disco Launches Tour in Austin

Lanie Catuogno, Faculty Adviser September 9, 2022
In the first show of a US tour, Urie struggled to hit the high notes and several times went off-pitch even in the middle of his range.
Breaking Bad is one of the most iconic television shows both worldwide and in the United States. Its attracted a dedicated fanbase that have an affinity for almost anything the series has to offer.

The Breaking Bad Seasons, From Bad to Ground-Breaking

Pom Babbitt, Reporter August 29, 2022

Breaking Bad. It’s a series so iconic that just saying its name can elicit some kind of emotional response. Since its debut in the late 2000s, producer Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece has garnered a gargantuan...

The aspect of Jane Austens work that has moved readers for generations is the spirit of her characters and how profoundly they experience emotions. While other Austen adaptations have captured this essence, Persuasion (2022) fails to encompass the complexity of the original story. Graphic by Hadley Norris.

A Dubiously Received ‘Persuasion’

Hannah Ashtari, Managing Editor August 18, 2022

There’s a moment in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice adaptation that has all but transcended the spare few seconds it takes up in the film itself, reverberating through the frantically beating hearts of...

On July 1, Netflix released Volume II of Season Four of Stranger Things. This highly anticipated chapter was marked by stellar acting and unique storylines. Graphic by Aanika Hirode.

Stranger Things Turns World Upside Down with Season Four

Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Chief August 8, 2022

Hit me square in the face with a roller skate like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) did to Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin), and I would still get back up to finish Season Four of Stranger Things. The penultimate...

Both The Simpsons and Glee are becoming known for predicting trends and future events, but which show is better? Both shows have a lot of wins in foreseeing but, only one can win.

Does ‘Glee’ Out-Predict ‘The Simpsons’?

Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Chief July 28, 2022

Glee is currently one of the most controversial shows on the internet. The show is full of inappropriate jokes, weird plotlines, and overall insane character arcs. A trend has even emerged where people...

Movies and TV shows are essential pieces of media to represent LGBTQ+ individuals and their stories. We have rounded up a few of our favorites for those looking to enjoy these films during Pride month. Photo courtesy of Boris Štromar.

LGBTQ+ Movies and TV Shows to Watch During Pride Month

Alessandra Ashford, Reporter June 23, 2022

We’re here, queer, and ready to shed a tear. Here are some LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows to watch during Pride Month. Heartstopper (2022) Based on the webcomic written by Alice Oseman, Netflix’s...

Callie Haverda 25 was cast to play Leia Forman in Netflixs That 90s Show, a spinoff of the beloved That 70s Show. The show centers around a new generation of teens including Leia Forman in Point Place, Wisconsin.

Callie Haverda ’25 Takes the Spotlight on Netflix’s That ’90s Show

Hannah McDonough, Community & World News Editor June 2, 2022

When That ‘90s Show was announced by Netflix in 2021, fans were excited to see the old cast from That ‘70s Show return as well as a new cast of young actors portraying the new generation of teens during...

Heartstopper, a graphic novel series by Alice Oseman turned television series, has captured the attention of viewers. Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) embark on a wholesome relationship in the first season of the show. Graphic by Eshaan Chopra.

Heartstopper Steals the Hearts of Everyone, Everywhere

Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Chief May 19, 2022

From defending your crush to your friends, overthinking the messages sent, and having unexplainable moments of happiness around one another, Heartstopper makes the feelings of love feel dreamy, giggly,...

The second part of Attack on Titan  first premiered on Sunday, Jan. 10. Graphic by Hadley Norris.

‘Attack on Titan’: The Final Season Colossally Exceeds Fans’ Expectations

Mallory Milner, Reporter April 27, 2022

On Sunday, April 4, the second part of the final season of Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime today, concluded. The second part first premiered on Sunday, Jan. 10 and amassed vast media attention...

The albums name is a reference to the dense bushes of laurel that often trap and kill unknowing hikers in the Appalachian mountains.

It’s Time for Mitski to Rest On Her Laurels

Shreya Selvaraju, Campus News Editor April 25, 2022

When Mitski released a fifth album amid rumors she had quit music, I was overjoyed. 32 minutes later, I was underwhelmed. Mitski’s signature short lyrics seemed even shorter, her calm nature was more...

American Girl won five Golden Horse awards from Taipeis 2021 film festival after its release in December.

‘American Girl’: A Poignant Reckoning on Cultural Identity

Amelia Spielman, Heritage Assistant Editor April 15, 2022

Centered around one mother’s relationship with her daughters, Feng-I Fiona Roan’s debut film American Girl (美國女孩) is a Taiwanese-American drama that brilliantly displays the raw authenticity...

Featured on the cover of the second novel is Anya Forger, one of the main characters in the series, Spy x Family. Anya herself is secretly a mind reader, and uses her unique power to put an interesting spin on the events happening in the series. Image courtesy of Viz Media.

What You Should Be Watching in Anime Spring Season 2022

Gayu Lakshmanan, Heritage Portraits Editor April 13, 2022

The new seasonal drop of anime started on Thursday, April 8, with a few early releases. Some of the most anticipated new series and sequels came out, making these releases some of the most attention-grabbing...

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