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Sabrina Carpenter released her new single 'Skin' on Friday, Jan. 22. Although the song was written to speak about her haters, many fans have questioned if it was written to act as a third leg in the love triangle Carpenter takes a key role in. Photo courtesy of @sabrinacarpenter

Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Skin’ Adds to Her Social Media Frenzy Love Triangle

By Amy Simon, Reporter January 23, 2021

Another chapter of the Sabrina Carpenter, Joshua Bassett, and Olivia Rodrigo love triangle has been announced as Carpenter released her new single, Skin, on Friday, Jan. 22. Although Carpenter intended...

'Soul' the new Disney Pixar movie with a powerful message, has left thousands of people amazed. Photo courtesy of @pixarsoul

‘Soul’ Reverberates with Soulful Intensity

By Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Extras & Spanish Editor January 22, 2021

With an iconic touch of humor and the profound message that this movie delivers to all of its spectators, Soul, a movie released on one of the most important days of the year, Christmas day, has reached...

Talking Heads released only eight studio albums and countless songs. But which ones are essential? Original photo courtesy of Rock Cellar Magazine, graphic courtesy of Oliver Barnfield

A Beginner’s Guide to Talking Heads

By Oliver Barnfield, Reporter January 21, 2021

Despite only releasing eight studio albums over an 11 year period from 1977 to 1988, no other band had the distinct sound or unique appeal that Talking Heads possessed. Led by twitchy frontman David Byrne,...

CloverWorks has brought another classic to the table, hooking new and old fans to The Promised Neverland.Photo Courtesy of IMBd

‘The Promised Neverland’ Illuminates Hope that Filters in During Darkness

By Zoejane Ostebo, Reporter January 19, 2021

2021 is going to be the year of anime. From the release of season five of My Hero Academia to Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, fans of these popular shows will have their watching schedules full to the brim. Along...

Why Don't We's new album 'The Good Times and the Bad Ones' released on Friday, Jan. 15. It describes the highs of writing songs while touring and the lows of writing songs during the pandemic. Photo courtesy of @whydontwemusic

Why Don’t We Steps Up With New Album ‘The Good Times and the Bad Ones’

By Amy Simon, Reporter January 18, 2021

After achieving worldwide success with their debut album 8 Letters back in 2018, pop band Why Don’t We could have easily continued doing things the exact same way for follow-up releases. After all, it’s...

Zayn Malik's new album 'Nobody is Listening' was released on Friday, Jan. 15 and shows a more tender side to Malik while leaving room for him to show off his high vocal range. Photo courtesy of @zaynews

Why You Should be Listening to Zayn Malik’s ‘Nobody is Listening’

By Amy Simon, Reporter January 17, 2021

From selling out stadiums worldwide alongside ex-bandmates from One Direction, modeling for GQ Magazine, recently having a child with model Gigi Hadid, and releasing three studio albums, Zayn Malik has...

The album art for Ariana Grande's track '34+35 (Remix)' featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion as Austin Powers'

’34+35 (Remix)’ Equals Perfection

By Eshaan Chopra, Reporter January 17, 2021

34+35 was one of the fan favorites off of Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album, Positions. The dynamic beat along with the catchy, clear lyricism had fans hooked in perfect time for the release of the...

Olivia Rodrigo's new song 'drivers license' has reached everyone's hearts. Photo courtesy of @olivia.rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘drivers license’ Paints a Vivid Portrait of Young Love and Heartbreak

By Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Extras & Spanish Editor January 13, 2021

Starring as Nini in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series since 2019, and releasing her single All I want from the show, Olivia Rodrigo has been present on the music and TV scenes for a while. Her...

Released on Jan. 1, 2021, 'Headspace: Guide to Meditation' introduces the basics of meditation and how you can use it to positively change your day to day life. Photo courtesy of Creator Benjavisa.

‘Headspace: Guide to Meditation’ Positively Impacts Viewers

By Savannah Estabrook, Yearbooker January 11, 2021

Jumping into the new year of 2021, Netflix was proud to release a new interactive animated show, Headspace: Guide to Meditation. With circumstantial battles of the pandemic emerging throughout the past...

'Wonder Woman 1984' was released on December 25th, after being delayed for almost a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo courtesy of @wonderwomanfilm.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Fails to Capture the Effect of its Predecessor

By Hannah Ashtari, Assistant Community and World News Editor December 31, 2020

The profound box-office success of DC’s 2017 film Wonder Woman, which followed the eponymous iconic heroine’s journey from the hidden island of Themyscira to the end of World War I in London, guaranteed...

Released on Dec. 11, 'evermore' came as a surprise to everyone and took the music world by storm. While having a few memorable and well-executed songs, the majority of it felt a bit manufactured and monotonous. Ultimately though, the album carried a nice vibe and makes for easy listening. Photo courtesy of Pitchfork

‘evermore’ Showcases Taylor Swift’s Standout Songwriting Prowess

By Anouka Saha, Opinions Editor December 22, 2020

To everyone’s surprise, Taylor Swift released a new album right on the heels of folklore, which was released during quarantine. This one titled evermore, dropped on Dec. 11th, surprising everyone especially...

There have been nine 'Star Wars' films in the so-called

Ranking the ‘Stars Wars Saga’

By Oliver Barnfield, Zach Maynes, and Reagan Babbitt December 19, 2020

On Friday, Dec. 18th, we will be reaching the five-year anniversary of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you were our age at the time, it was the biggest movie ever. Although none of us were alive when...

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